#89 – Sam: complete a 2nd knitting project

I spent the winter knitting a pile of baby blankets (because they are all I know how to knit, upcoming goals; learn something other than a square).  The blankets came into rotation on August 29th with the arrival of Poppy Jane, the chillest member of our little team of four.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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#29 – The Colo(u)r Run

Fourth year in a row!  We just love this event and will continue doing it as long as we can!

Details: Dates and city information can be found here.

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Well, we’ve been sitting on a big secret.  Not on purpose, but our blog has taken a backseat lately, so we just forgot to mention it.  Baby #2 is joining us in less than two months (!!), and recently we’ve had to reevaluate a lot of things.  We’ve decided we didn’t want to change our current list to make it more manageable/pregnancy & baby friendly BUT we have decided to spread our current 100 over 2016/2017 and then get back on the 100 per year train after that once the littles are easier to do things with.

As our pals at Band of Characters have reassured us in the past, it’s our blog, our rules, right?  (Also if you want to follow along with a family just rocking the 100 things challenge, check out their blog!)


#7 – Kite Festival

Two weekends ago we went to the Burlington Kite Festival; five minutes after we arrive a giant storm blew in (complete with thunder and lighting), and so that was the entirety of our experience.  Henry was really excited and interested in the kites, so definitely something we would try again.  It was a pretty small festival (partially because of the weather, but also just seemed low key), so we might look for a bigger one, but still fun!

IMG_20160605_173719 (1)

Details: Information about the Burlington Kite Festival can be found here.

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#63 – Make a water garden

So I saw these cool water gardens on Pinterest with water plants in vases and it seemed like a fun solution to the black thumb problem we have.  We went to a local fish store to get the water plants, and left with our plants (and a couple itty bitty fish because #willpower).


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#83 – Brickworks Winter Village

Every weekend in the winter (and well into the Spring when the name switched to the Container Market), The Brickworks had an awesome set up of various vendors and activities set up inside shipping containers.  Around those were picnic tables, chairs and fire pits.  It was really fantastic and we hope they do it again next year!


Details: Information about the Evergreen Brickworks and their various events can be found here.

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#48 – Children’s Discovery Centre

We love the Children’s Discovery Centre.  I’ve taken Henry a few times since he was six months, and a couple months ago we went as a family.  Henry goes bananas for it every time.


Details:  Information can be found here.  The space they are running out of is temporary (the Centre started as a pilot project), so check the website if you plan to go.  It looks like it will be open in the current location until end of July.


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