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#50 – Try a new restaurant during Winterlicious

We love checking out new restaurants, but definitely stick to our favourites.  Winterlicious was a great excuse to try out something new at a reasonable price.  We choose Crush Wine Bar, largely due to their Winterlicious lunch menu including mac’n’cheese and sticky toffee pudding (two of my favourites!).  We had a great time, and a good meal, but weren’t blown away.  I think we might go back for their wine list (we went on a Monday afternoon when we both had to go to work, so we couldn’t indulge too much), but it wouldn’t make our list of favourites.


Details: Winterlicious runs until February 7th.  You can find a list of events and participating restaurants here.

Crush Wine Bar is at 455 King St West (just west of Spadina).  You can find their menus and hours here.

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#89 – Go skating at the Natrel Rink during a DJ Skate Night

Three years ago, almost to the day, Adam and I skated at the Natrel Rink on our first date.  We’ve always meant to go back and check out the Saturday night DJ Skate Nights, and three years later we finally made it happen.


Details: Habourfront’s Natrel Rink (Queen’s Quay at Lower Simcoe Street) is open everyday.  Find their hours here.  DJ Skate Nights are every Saturday until February 23.  Find the list of DJs here.

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#6 – Poutini’s (Sam’s first poutine)

Here’s the back story for all our friends (Laura) who are incredulous that I’ve never had poutine; As a child, I (Sam) don’t remember ever having poutine.  I was a fairly picky eater, so I doubt I would have eaten it even if it had been an option.  Around the time I was 13, I gave up meat and became a vegetarian.  So, at a time when the vegetarian diet wasn’t largely catered to, gravy drenched fries weren’t an option for me.

Adam motto is “you can’t go wrong with a good poutine”, so when I heard that Poutini’s not only had a vegetarian gravy option, but a good one, I was sold.  And on the list it went. Image

I totally get what everyone has been raving about.  I’m on the wagon.

Details: Poutini’s at 1112 Queen West (Queen & Dovercourt)

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The 2013 List

It’s going to be a great year!  Our progress so far: 100/100

  1. Dog sledding
  2. Make jam from scratch
  3. Make bannock bread over the campfire
  4. Go camping
  5. Ride bikes on Centre Island
  6. Go to Poutini’s (Sam’s first poutine)
  7. Go on a road trip with a destination in mind.
  8. Go on a road trip with no destination in mind.
  9. Go to Leslieville Farmer’s Market
  10. Feed the chickadees at the Royal Botanical Gardens.
  11. Go bird watching.
  12. Go to a live concert.
  13. Make a meal for friends/family.
  14. Make pasta from scratch.
  15. Go to a museum
  16. Go to an art gallery.
  17. Watch a movie outside
  18. Go to the drive-in
  19. Have a winter picnic
  20. Drink a fancy bottle of champagne.
  21. Complete a puzzle together 
  22. Read a book together.
  23. Go to the races at Woodbine.
  24. Do a wine tasting tour.
  25. Make snow angels.
  26. Climb a tree.
  27. Go apple picking.
  28. Take an archery lesson at Casa Loma.
  29. Go to a country fair.
  30. Read while drifting in a canoe
  31. Have a summer picnic.
  32. Dance in the rain.
  33. Go to South Africa.
  34. Make S’moreos over the camp fire
  35. Take a tour at a Toronto brewery.
  36. Take a cooking class.
  37. Try 5 new fruit beers
  38. Make our own beer.
  39. Go through the Blue Mountain caves & suspension bridge
  40. Go bowling
  41. Go swimming in a Great Lake
  42. Send someone a letter by mail just because.
  43. Go 24 hrs technology free.
  44. Plant our own herb garden.
  45. Hike on the Escarpment
  46. Try an Ethiopian restaurant
  47. Go to a movie at the Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles
  48. Order the communal menu at Cafe Belong
  49. Go to a live sport event
  50. Try a new restaurant during Winterlicious (Jan 25-Feb 7, resos start Jan 10)
  51. Get a book from The Monkey’s Paw book vending machine Biblio-Mat
  52. Build a headboard
  53. Find our favourite Mac’n’cheese in Toronto
  54. Frame and hang all the art in the apartment
  55. Try a new restaurant during Summerlicious.
  56. Organize the storage closet.
  57. Clean and organize the balcony.
  58. Organize the office closet.
  59. Go kayaking.
  60. Do something for a charity
  61. See the oldest (sugar) maple tree in Canada
  62. Write a haiku poem
  63. Build a snowman
  64. Ice skate at the Brickworks
  65. Make bread.
  66. Host an ice cream party.
  67. Paint a picture.
  68. Set off fireworks.
  69. Make eggs Benedict/Florentine at home
  70. Star gaze somewhere without light pollution.
  71. Learn a magic trick
  72. Winter hot tubbing.
  73. Go snowshoeing
  74. Go snorkelling.
  75. Help build a house.
  76. Make ice cream.
  77. Do the Colo(u)r Run 5k
  78. Buy art from a local artist.
  79. Go to the Ex
  80. Find out our parents favourite movies and watch them in an afternoon.
  81. Take a pottery class.
  82. See a show at the Fringe Fest.
  83. Watch a sunrise
  84. Make sushi
  85. Fly a kite
  86. Go to a driving range.
  87. Get a hot chocolate from SOMA
  88. Go tobogganing
  89. Go skating during one of the DJ Skate nights at Harbourfront
  90. Name a star.
  91. Play old school arcade games.
  92. Go to a local art show.
  93. Walk in fresh snow.
  94. Go to Medieval Times.
  95. Dress up for a fancy night out.
  96. Create a signature drink.
  97. Make gingerbread cookies.
  98. Purge our apartment of anything we don’t know to be useful or beautiful.
  99. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.
  100. Write a blog.

Bonus Things;

Bonus 1. Cage dive with Great White Sharks.
Bonus 2. Go to Zimbabwe.
Bonus 3. Go to Zambia.
Bonus 4. See Victoria Falls.
Bonus 5. Go to New York.
Bonus 6. Go to Chicago

2013, let’s do this!

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