#35 – Take a tour of a Toronto brewery

We did the brewery tour at the Mill St Brewpub today.  Not an extensive tour (the Distillery location is so small, it only produces 2% of their product); it was quick, informative and the gent leading it was fairly funny.

Things we learned;

1. Dark beer was originally a mistake, made when the malt was unintentionally roasted too long.  The beer brewers of yesteryear would make it into a penny beer that was sold without the standard taxes of lighter beer. .

2. Mill St doesn’t use extracts or essences.  Their beers flavoured with coffee, vanilla, raspberries, etc, means actual coffee or vanilla beans or whole raspberries were dumped into their beer kettle.

3.  Quebec had the shortest recorded prohibition at just a week and half (Go Quebec).

We ended our day in the brewpub enjoying good beers with great friends.  All in all, it was a great day!


Details: Mill St Brewpub is in the Distillery at 21 Tankhouse Lane.  The brewery tour is at 4PM Mon-Fri, and 3PM & 5PM Sat-Sun.  More details can be found here.

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