#10 – Feed the Chickadees at the RBG

When we were kids, my grandparents used to take my brothers and I to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington to feed the chickadees on weekend mornings in the winter.

We hadn’t been in ages, and then last winter my brother had a friend visiting from Australia so we all trekked out.  I had forgotten how fun it is, and definitely wanted to make sure we did it again this winter.

There’s nothing that makes you feel like you are in a Disney movie quite as much as feeding wild birds from your hand.  Thanks to Will and Sam for coming out with us!


Details: The Royal Botanical Gardens are at 680 Plains Road West in Burlington.  We go through the Hendrie Park Cherry Hill entrance, which is open daily 10AM-5PM weather permitting.  You can find more info about the RBG here.  Entrance to the Hendrie trails is free with paid parking.  It was an approximate 40 minute drive from our apartment in High Park.

The chickadees prefer the little black sunflower-like seeds over anything else.

For a few more photos, check out my brother Will’s awesome blog aWilltotravel here.

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