In Progress – #53 – find our favourite mac’n’cheese in Toronto

This one got added to the list due to an intense Mac’n’cheese phase I was going through early January, so adding it to the list somehow legitimized that.  We obviously will not be spending every weekend eating Mac’n’cheese, so we choose our contenders based on the following lists and friend recommendations.  If a restaurant was on a list or recommended at least twice, we’ll give it a go, which leaves us with about 3 or 4 contenders (thankfully, since the intense mac’n’cheese phase has passed, and there’s only so much I can eat!).

The lists we are working with are;

BlogTO’s Best Mac’n’Cheese in Toronto (2010), found here.’s Best Mac’n’Cheese in Toronto (2012), found here.

NOW’s Mac Attack list (2007), found here.

Luckily, I have a judging partner on this one.  My friend Julia, also a mac’n’cheese lover, joined us at our first restaurant we’re trying and we developed a super serious, totally flawless mac’n’cheese judging system.  Four categories, max score of 5 noodles out of five per category.  Whichever contender comes out with the highest average score between us at the end of the year is declared the winner.

First contender: Victory Cafe.
First impression: this thing is a monster. It’s a huge serving and comes with salad and garlic bread.  Scores below.


Details: Victory Cafe is at 581 Markham Street (just south of Bloor).  Hours and menu can be found here.

We are not food critics or restaurant reviewers.  All opinions posted are just for fun.

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