#11 – Go bird watching

Africa is known for it’s diverse and interesting animals, but there is also an amazing diversity of birds as well, so we knocked this one off while in Kruger Park in South Africa.

We had a great field guide (details below) that had great illustrations and lots of information on each bird (our guide was also great at pointing out birds, especially after figuring out we were just as interested in the birds as the animals!).

We have never done this before, but will absolutely do it again!


Details: Field guide: Roberts Bird Guide: Kruger National Park and Adjacent Lowveld by Hugh Chittenden & Ian Whyte

Birds pictured: Lilac-breasted Roller; Red-billed Oxpecker; Burchell’s Coucal; White-backed Vulture; Dark-capped Bulbul; Saddle-billed Stork; Grey Heron; Blacksmith Lapwing; Kori Bustard; Cape Glossy Starling; Burchell’s Starling; Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill; Crested Barbet; Black-headed Heron; Swainson’s Spurfowl; Marabou Stork; European Bee-eater; African Fish-Eagle; Southern Carmine Bee-eater; European Roller; Egyptian Goose; Fork-tailed Drongo & Red-backed Shrike; European Bee-eater & Southern Ground Hornbill

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