#33 – Go to South Africa

We spent two amazing weeks in Africa and have been using the term life changing pretty frequently to describe it.  Our trip included 3 days in Cape Town, one night in Livingston, Zambia, two nights in Zimbabwe and then back to South Africa and two days in Kruger National Park.

Since our list item was specifically South Africa, we’ve added Zimbabwe and Zambia as Bonus Items and we will post about them soon!

Going to South Africa has always been a dream of mine, mainly to see elephants in the wild.  Elephants have always had a special place in my heart and seeing them in their natural environment was an ultimate bucket list item for me.

Within five minutes of driving into Kruger Park, we saw our first elephant, a bull.  In a show to prove his superiority (over our truck), he pushed over a tree and stood flapping his ears at us, deciding whether to charge or not.  I had a minor Kristen Bell moment, though managed to keep it under wraps (though most of the people in the truck were my family, I’m not prepared to be a YouTube phenom).

Throughout the day, we saw many elephants, all bulls, either on their own or in small bachelor groups.  They were amazing and I could have watched them all day, but I wanted to see a matriarch herd; the mothers, aunts, sisters, young males and babies.

And then we saw the herd.  It was so large we couldn’t begin to see how many elephants were in the group, but the range of ages was clear.  Our guide pointed out the youngest elephant we could see, around 6-8 months old.  There were 3-4 year olds, adolescents, and older females.  There were a few young males, who were on the brink of leaving the herd.  It was breath taking and I could have watched them for days.

Much gratitude for the generosity and love my parents-in-law showed by including all us kids on their dream trip that’s been 35 years in the making.  It was life changing and we appreciate the experiences you shared with us more than we can express.

The photos below are from the bookends of our trip in South Africa.  We’ll be posting photos from our time in Zimbabwe, our visit to Victoria Falls and other wildlife experiences (birds and sharks!) soon!


Details: Information about Kruger National Park can be found here.  The guided part of our trip was through G Adventures.  We had a great experience with them and the tour we were on was this one.

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