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#3 – Make Bannock over a camp fire

We used the most basic recipe available (and one that didn’t include lard).  I have no idea if we were successful or not, but the end result was pretty tasty, so I give us a pass.


Details: The recipe we used can be found here.

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#34 – Make S’moreos over the camp fire

S’mores are delicious.  S’mores made with Oreos (S’moreos) are amazing.  We did the list item, then things got serious when we added in some Reese Peanut Butter cups.  #noregrets


Details: Roast a marshmallow; twist open an Oreo; put a chocolate square or Reese cup in there; squeeze the marshmallow off; enjoy the messy, gooey awesomeness.

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#4 – Go Camping

Adam and I both grew up camping a lot and love to go as much as we can.  We have our favourite camp grounds and had never been to Awenda Provincial Park, which was suggested as part of our road trip itinerary.

Awenda was beautiful, the sites were well spaced out (to the point that we couldn’t even really hear our neighbours) and the beach and glacier lake in the park are lovely.  Our only complaint was that the camp sites are quite a hike from the beach, so you either plan for a long walk (which we were into) or plan to drive over.

We spent the (very chilly) night concocting different S’mores recipes and made fresh baked bannock on the fire for breakfast.

Details: Park details can be found here.

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#91 – Play old school arcade games

Part of our weekend road trip was a stop at the Georgian Grill Restaurant and Arcade, which has been on Balm Beach since 1934.  Full of arcade games, mostly classics, it was a fun pit stop.


Details: Hours, menu and historical info can be found here.

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#7 – Go on a road trip with a destination

Scenery, heart-to-hearts, nearly missed turns, missed turns, loud ’80s music singalongs.

We found a great weekend road trip itinerary put together by The Grid TO, outlining three two-day adventures out of Toronto; one west, one east, and one north.  We picked the North route, as it was the most budget-friendly and it also included a couple other list items.

We followed the itinerary laid out fairly closely, though we didn’t go to either restaurant suggestion on the Sunday (they weren’t kidding about Wendy’s butter tarts).

We started early on Saturday; our first stop was Rock Gardens Farms for some food for the weekend (and some cuddles with their seriously adorable cat).  Then we were off for Mono Cliffs Provincial Park to hike on the escarpment; stopped by Creemore Brewery to grab some beer for Saturday; flew kites on Balm Beach (recently renamed to Tiny Beach); played arcade games at the 80-year-old Georgian Grill; then on to Awenda Provincial Park for a night of camping (and making s’moreos!).

Sunday morning we baked bannock for breakfast and then explored the camp ground’s glacier lake.  Once back on the road, we stopped for Wendy’s butter tarts; played a little frisbee golf in Penetanguishenewandered around the Roadshow’s 400 Antique Market; and walked through Holland Marsh’s board walks before heading home.


Details: The Grid Escape Clause itinerary can be found here.  Balm Beach seems to have been renamed, so if you are counting on a GPS, you’ll have trouble finding it.

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#69 – Make Eggs Florentine/Benedict at home

I only learned how to poach eggs in the past year and it made me feel pretty bad ass in the kitchen.  Hollandaise sauce however, was one of those things that seemed complicated and tricky to get right.  Turns out it wasn’t that difficult (but crazy messy, I think I went through 5 or 6 dishes to make it).   Delicious!


Details: We used this recipe for the hollandaise.

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#71 – Learn a magic trick

Completing this item was the epitome of what this list was about. While grabbing some post-game drinks, we were going through our list with our friends Sara and Jamie and talking about things we could do together over the summer.

Turns out Jamie had a magic trick in his backpack from his years of teaching in Japan, so he taught us all.

Not only is it awesome to have learned the trick (took me a couple tries), but we likely wouldn’t have learned that Jamie always has a magic trick on him without the list. Amazing.

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#49 – Go to a live sport event

Before going to a Jays game in Toronto, you have to ask the important question;


Everything lined up to make this a perfect evening at the ball game; two of our favourite people; beautiful weather; lots of large baseball printed beers (I’m a sucker for packaging); some seriously delicious popcorn AND the Jays won.  Boom.  Amazing.

Details: The Jays schedule and ticket information can be found here.

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