#43 – Go 24 Hours Technology free

We checked this one off a couple weeks ago.  We purposefully choose 24 hours that we were in town, and had a lot going on (it felt like cheating if we were out of town or camping). I was surprised how much discussion this one generated in terms of what technology free meant.  Our intention was to go screen free; no computers, TVs, phones, iPads, iPods.  At the last minute we decided our digital camera was also banned, so we were using a couple seriously terrible disposable cameras.  Some people felt using our car shouldn’t have been allowed; others didn’t see a problem with using our camera.

We went from 7pm on Friday until 7pm on Saturday.  Friday night we started our night at a going away party for my sister-in-law, then we walked home from Bathurst to High Park along Bloor, enjoying the crazy clouds rolling over Toronto.  We stopped for pizza, and then sat on our balcony with some cocktails and watched the lighting storm over Lake Ontario.

On Saturday we went for a run in High Park, then walked around Grenadier Pond.  Back at our place, Adam worked at refinishing some dressers and then we headed into Oakville.  Adam went off to play a round of golf while I lay in the grass and read a book with my parents’ dogs.  At the end of our 24 hours my parents and I headed out to meet up with Adam and the rest of the extended family for a dinner at the golf course.

Overall, a fun experiment.  While I missed being connected, I missed my camera the most, especially with the gorgeous clouds and crazy lighting storm. Image
Seriously, how terrible are disposable cameras?

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2 thoughts on “#43 – Go 24 Hours Technology free

  1. Elizabeth Green says:

    I’m pretty impressed with your disposable camera results! I love them!

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