#74 – Go Snorkeling

Adam has snorkeled a lot; I went for the first time on our honeymoon last year and loved it.  It went on the list in the hopes that maybe we would be able to get a tropical vacation in this year.  When it became clear that wouldn’t be happening, we started looking into local alternatives and found this article about snorkeling ship wrecks around Tobermory.

We really enjoyed the trip, especially the second site; Sweepstakes and City of Grand Rapids.  Two ships next to each other, largely intact in very shallow water.   The water is surprisingly clear and fairly icy.   We would both go back to do this again, though maybe in September when the water is at its warmest.


Details: Information about the Diver’s Den can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “#74 – Go Snorkeling

  1. biglakelinda says:

    Love your photos! Tobermory is known for it’s fridig waters — but amazing clarity. Just a short ways south we have the warm beaches of Lake Huron. It’s wonderul to have this amazing combo to explore on any given day. You’ve insprired me. I never thought of snorkeling in Tobermory. Love it!

    • Hi Linda! It was really fun, you should definitely give it a try. The wet suits are a must, like you said, the water was frigid! We were going to give it a shot without, but there was no way we would have lasted longer than a few minutes. We were surprised at how clear the water was, really amazing.

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