In Progress – #53 – Find our favourite mac’n’cheese in Toronto

We started this one way back in February; check out this post to get the explanation about our super serious mac’n’cheese grading system.  Since then, we’ve had three more contenders; Harbord House, Indie Ale House and Czehoski.  It’s worth noting after doing an early score tally, that the mac’n’cheese currently with the highest score isn’t necessarily the one we’d say is our favourite, so we are clearly not consistent or very good at his grading system!

First up, Harbord House.  We used to go here a lot when we had some friends who lived next door, and I’d always get the mac’n’cheese, so we put it on the list.  It’s got cheddar, jack, parm and ermite cheese and comes with a nice side salad.  The night we went it had more sauce than usual, which made the blue cheese pretty strong, but usually it isn’t as overpowering.

Harbord House is on Harbord at Brunswick.  Hours and menus can be found here.

Next up was Indie Ale House, which opened fairly recently in our neighbourhood.  There was a fairly spirited debate about their mac’n’cheese in the comments of a BlogTO review (found here), so on the list it went!

It was pretty good, but didn’t blow me away, and I didn’t order it again when we went back.Image
Indie Ale House is on Dundas West, just west of Keele.  Hours and menus can be found here.

Last night we were at Czehoski’s to celebrate the birthday of one of our dearest friends, and took the opportunity to try the mac’n’cheese (this one made most, if not all the best-of lists we referenced, found in this post).  I had the highest hopes for this one and it didn’t let me down, super tasty.  And, because we were chatting, we ate half of it cold, and it was still delicious.Image
Czehoski’s is on Queen West at Tecumseh.  Hours and menus can be found here.

Disclaimer: We are not food critics or restaurant reviewers.  All opinions posted are just for fun.

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One thought on “In Progress – #53 – Find our favourite mac’n’cheese in Toronto

  1. Susanne says:

    The mac and cheese at Bannock is AMAZING. Had it a couple of weeks ago…it has spinach, peas, and broccoli in it…baked in it’s own ramekin with bubbly cheese on top.

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