#84 – Make sushi

This weekend we hosted a sushi making party at my parent’s house.  It was so fun, and the outcome was delicious.  We had lots of veggies; avocado, cucumber, bell peppers, green onions, slivered carrot and broccoli as well as sashimi-grade organic salmon and yellow fin tuna.  Mum made both sushi rice and brown rice, and we picked up wasabi and pickled ginger.

Our friend Jess, being the only one who has made sushi before, gave us a tutorial and off we went.  Everyone made rolls to contribute to the group plates (we had designated fish plates and veg only for the vegetarians in the group), and then we all dug in.  So tasty!

Big thank you to my parents for having us all over, to my aunts Karen & Lynda, friends Sam & Jess for joining us, and Eric and Elizabeth for contributing dessert!


After we’d all had our fill of maki, Elizabeth and Eric decided we needed a dessert, and Team Dessert was born.


Details: We got our fish from Del Mar Fresh Fish Market on Roncesvalles. Hours and locations (there are two), can be found here. Blake at Del Mar was extremely helpful over email as I sorted out what I needed in advance (as a vegetarian, ordering any fish is daunting), but he made it really easy.  Great customer service!

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4 thoughts on “#84 – Make sushi

  1. I feel like a crucial detail was left out of the Team Dessert part of this post, and that is that we made BEAVERTAIL CHEESECAKE.

    Thank you for your attention to this important addendum.

  2. Jen says:

    I am dieing for you to finish this list. Biting my nails in anticipation. Can they make it? I think the dog sledding is going to be tricky but there’s an event happening on Friday. Kinda’ pricey but I think you can knock off the snowshoeing, the Winter picnic and maybe even build that snowman at the same time. Good Luck Adam and Sam! http://www.haliburtondogsledding.com/ Cheering for you! Whoohoo.
    (who has become weirdly vested in this)

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