#38 – Make our own beer

Last month we started making our own beer (you can check out our in progress posts here and here), and it finished just in time for the holidays.  We brought bottles to each of our families for a taste test.  Adam’s family was much more generous with their opinions than mine, and generally the feedback was “surprisingly not bad” and “it could be worse”.  It definitely tasted like beer, but it was super hoppy (some people like that), and we did something wrong in the bottling process and it was really carbonated and created a very stiff head.  Overall enough of a success that we want to give it another shot!


Details: Brooklyn Brew Shop can be found here.  The kit we used is also available from Indigo, found here.

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2 thoughts on “#38 – Make our own beer

  1. stillbrewin1 says:

    That sound great that you are not going to give up! I started many years ago home brewing, and now I am brewing and distilling all the time now. Now I dont think I go to the liquor more then two time a year,because I get a lot of joy out of brewing and stilling because I made it myself.

  2. stillbrewin1 says:

    Happy Brewing

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