#81 – Take a pottery class

After trying unsuccessfully to get into the Gardiner Museum’s drop-in clay class, we sent out a distress call to my aunt and uncle.  My uncle is an artist and a retired art teacher, and my aunt is a writer, a retired teacher and an artist as well, so in our art-related crisis, they were my first call in the hopes they might know someone who could help us out.  They did us one better by offering to teach us themselves, so we went over yesterday for a fun morning of playing with clay (followed by a delicious lunch!).  We learned how to make a pinch pot, a coil pot, slab pieces, and all about slip and scoring.

Thank you to Rob and Jill for having us over, teaching us and for lunch!  It was a lovely day.


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2 thoughts on “#81 – Take a pottery class

  1. Danielle @LabelsAreForTinCans says:

    You guys have been one of my favourite blogs to read this year! So exciting to see all these things accomplished on your list 🙂 Do you have any plans for 2014?!

    • Thanks Danielle! That is so nice to hear; we sincerely appreciate all the support we’ve gotten from other bloggers. We have decided to do another list of 100 things for 2014, we’ll be posting it on the 1st! Thanks again!

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