#72 – Winter Camping

Winter camping was absolutely an Adam add to our list; I hate being cold so much.  Our original plan was to rent a yurt at one of the Ontario Parks that remains open year-round.  Turns out they are booked ages in advance and all the way through May.  Rookie mistake.  So the next plan was to go to one of the same parks and pitch our little tent and just do it. Not surprisingly, I was not a huge fan of this plan, so Adam found these Winter Camping packages at Atelier Arboreal near Wiarton.  The package included a night in a yurt (with wood stove!), dinner, breakfast, lunch and activities.  Perfect.

So this past weekend we headed up to Wiarton; driving through white-out conditions almost the whole way.  These are temps for the past weekend (I don’t know if it was that week we had at -30C, but -15C just didn’t sound that bad).


When we arrived, we were shown to our yurt by the proprietor Steve, set up with snowshoes and set free to explore until dinner.  We trekked down the boardwalk (trying unsuccessfully not to fall of the edge), checked out the sauna near our yurt, and then settled in for some reading.  Dinner was excellent, and then we hit up the sauna before heading to bed.  We woke up to hot coffee delivered right to the yurt, and then headed up to the house for another delicious meal.  After breakfast we met Steve’s horses, and then he took us on a hike on the Bruce Peninsula to check out some caves.  Then it was back for lunch and then off to Toronto.

Overall a great experience, but not something I would do more than once a year.


Details: We stayed at the Atelier Arboreal near Wiarton.  Information about packages and contact information can be found here.

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