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#56 – Have a candlelight dinner

This past week has been a pretty big one for us; we signed a lease for a new apartment and bought a new-to-us car.  To celebrate we had a candlelight dinner which was really lovely.


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#58 – St Lawrence Market

We kept saying we should go to St Lawrence Market more often, so on the list it went.  My parents and aunt & uncle were in the city this weekend, so yesterday we met up at St Lawrence, and spent a lovely morning wandering around and picking up groceries.


The South Market at St Lawrence is open Tuesday – Saturday, and the Farmer’s Market is open Saturday (we went to both).  Information about location and hours can be found here.

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Things We Love: Discovery Channel’s Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth

We just started watching the Discovery Channel’s Iditarod: Toughest Race on Earth, about Alaska’s 1000 mile dog sledding race.  The Iditarod is considered the hardest and most prestigious dog sledding race.  There are only 6 episodes, and they can all be found on YouTube.  We are pretty obsessed.

The Iditarod website can be found here.  This year’s race is set to kick off in 15 days.

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#87 – Go dog sledding (again!)

We had such an amazing time dog sledding back in December, that we put it on our 2014 list too.  We went back to Haliburton Forest this Sunday; this time we did the 3 hour half-day tour, and totally lucked out being the only ones going out.  It was significantly colder than December (-15C compared to 0C), which combined with going out first thing in the morning meant the dogs were a lot feistier and had a ton of energy.  The longer trail was amazing, combining wooded paths, steep hills (mildly terrifying going down those), and long stretches across beautiful frozen lakes.

Our guide Cameron was amazing; answering all of our questions at the hot chocolate breaks we made along the way, telling us stories about the area and the dogs.  Both times we went out, the guides told us “Whatever happens, happens.  Just enjoy the experience”, and it’s the best advice.  It’s such an amazing experience (I bailed out of the sled near the beginning and got dizzy from the cold at the end and still loved it), and the dogs have so much character and are so fun to work with.

All in all, another amazing adventure.  We can’t wait to go back next winter!


Details: Haliburton Forest location and hours can be found here.  In addition to winter activities, they also have summer camping, a tree canopy course, and mountain biking trails.  I really can’t say enough good things about the staff and the experience we had on both our visit, and highly recommend it.

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#64 – Go to Kitten & the Bear for scones & jam

If winter camping was an Adam list item, this one was all me.  I love jam (I’ve been known to eat it straight from the jar with a spoon), and growing up my Granny used to have us over for fresh made scones all the time.  So when I read this article about Kitten and the Bear, a Parkdale shop making small batch artisanal jams and scones, I wanted to go.  We never found time in the Fall, so when we were making our 2014 list, I sneaked it on.

We went this morning and it was so, so great.  The décor and details are beautiful, and we were lucky to grab one of the few available seats.  Adam got a cup of pour-over coffee, I got Marrakesh Mint tea (served in a vintage teapot), and we split the Jam Sampler plate.  The sampler plate comes with two scones, butter and samples of three jams.  We were lucky to be treated to all four currently on the menu; Grapefruit & Rose, Lime & Jasmine, Tangerine & Rosemary and Pear, Maple & Scotch.  It was all delicious and I am excited to make it a regular thing throughout the year!  We came home with a jar of the Pear, Maple & Scotch and our own antique silver jam spoon.  Can’t say enough great things about this shop, and the owners are super lovely.


Details: Location and hours for Kitten and the Bear can be found here.  To get sneak peeks at upcoming jams, follow them on instagram, here.

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