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#11 – Axe Throwing

This weekend we went to B.A.T.L (Toronto’s Backyard Axe Throwing League) to celebrate Adam’s birthday.  It was THE BEST.  When we arrived, we signed a waiver, and then were immediately handed axes and taught how to throw them.  After everyone had been taught and had a chance for some practice throws, we start a round-robin tournament; everyone was guaranteed three matches, each match was three rounds of five throws.  Winner moved on to the next round, ties went to big axe (an axe at least three times the weight and length of the ones we’d been using).  After that, the top 8 went into championships.  Seriously, everything about this was amazing.


BATL has two locations; information can be found here.  The do private events at both locations (birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette, anything you need a party for); minimum 12 people and it’s BYOB.  The three BATL guys who facilitated the day for us really made it what it was, we can’t say enough good things about the experience!  They are booking months in advance, so if you want to get in there (and you do), book soon!

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#5 – Go to a live taping of a TV show

This Tuesday we got tickets to go a taping of the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show on CBC.  We both grew up with Strombo, but we really wanted to go because of the guest; Miss Piggy.  Overall it was interesting; they were filming little bits and pieces for a number of different segments, and then did the interview with Miss Piggy.  This took ages to prep for and set up.  The entourage (the puppet has her own stylist.  Serious.) and the puppeteer were very specific and exact about what worked and what didn’t.  We were also told no less than four times that cameras were absolutely not permitted (to maintain the magic, you know), so unfortunately no photos of Miss Piggy.


Details: Tickets to the taping are free and can be found here.  There are only a few more weeks until the show ends due to Strombo’s new Hockey Night in Canada gig, so if you want to go, make sure to do it soon!

The Miss Piggy interview airs tonight (Thursday, March 20) at 11:30 on CBC.

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#96 – Saw a log together

When we were at White Meadow Farm last weekend, one of the stops in the Sugar Bush Adventure was tandem log sawing.  After successfully sawing off the little log nub, it was branded for us as a keepsake of our excellent teamwork.  


Details: Information about White Meadow Farms can be found here.  The Sugar Bush Adventure is open every weekend until the end of March.


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#10 – Visit a maple syrup farm

This Saturday we went out to Pelham to meet up with Adam’s parents at White Meadows Farm.  We took a tractor ride out to their Sugar Bush Adventure; a hike through the sugar bush complete with stops to learn about maple syrup processes through history, activities, and tasty snacks.  After the sugar bush trek, we had pancakes in their Maple Lodge, and then picked up some delicious treats from the shop.


Details: Information about White Meadows Farm can be found here.  The Sugar Bush Adventure is open every weekend until March 30.

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#80 – Ice bubbles

Back in December when we were making our 2014 list, this ice bubble thing was all over Pinterest. We thought if it was legit, it was pretty neat.


On Friday we woke up and it was -18C (-25C with the windchill), so we gave it a shot.  Overall, not as cool as advertised; mainly because the bubbles didn’t immediately freeze.  We had to catch them on the bubble wand and hold them for a minute or two before they would freeze.


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