#11 – Axe Throwing

This weekend we went to B.A.T.L (Toronto’s Backyard Axe Throwing League) to celebrate Adam’s birthday.  It was THE BEST.  When we arrived, we signed a waiver, and then were immediately handed axes and taught how to throw them.  After everyone had been taught and had a chance for some practice throws, we start a round-robin tournament; everyone was guaranteed three matches, each match was three rounds of five throws.  Winner moved on to the next round, ties went to big axe (an axe at least three times the weight and length of the ones we’d been using).  After that, the top 8 went into championships.  Seriously, everything about this was amazing.


BATL has two locations; information can be found here.  The do private events at both locations (birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette, anything you need a party for); minimum 12 people and it’s BYOB.  The three BATL guys who facilitated the day for us really made it what it was, we can’t say enough good things about the experience!  They are booking months in advance, so if you want to get in there (and you do), book soon!

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2 thoughts on “#11 – Axe Throwing

  1. Becky says:

    So awesome! I would never have guessed this was popular enough for leagues. How bad-ass.

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