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#94 – Paddle making workshop

Back in September, at the Queen West Art Crawl, we met Bruce of Paddles by W. Bruce Smith, and he told us about his one day make your own paddle workshop.  We thought it sounded fun (Adam especially) so on the list it went.

On Saturday we drove out to Fergus for the workshop, which runs from 9:00 until 4:00 or 5:00.  We were given our roughly cut paddles, hand tools and instructions and off we went, carving our paddles to have the correct flex, weight, balance and custom fit to our hands.  At the end of the day, we had our paddles completely carved and sanded, and all that was left to do at home was to oil them.

Overall, it was a great day.  Adam really loved it.  I enjoyed it, but it really nailed home what I learned in first year Carpentry class (I went to Theatre school), wood working just isn’t my thing.  But I was still very pleased with the final product and am glad we did it.  Many thanks to Adam’s father for financing the day as a belated birthday gift to Adam.


Information about Bruce’s workshops, and his beautiful custom made paddles, can be found here.  Workshops run on Saturdays until the end of May, then pick up again in the Fall.

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Around Toronto: Record Store Day

Today is Record Store day in Toronto (and across North America).  Participating record stores will offer rare finds, special releases and live music.  The list of participating record stores in Toronto can be found here.

If I wasn’t stuck at work today, we would definitely be out, knocking #35 off our list!


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The Biggest Bonus

This weekend we got to tell our family and friends what we found out back in February; we are expecting our first baby! We found out coincidentally the same week we got our new car and signed the lease on our new place.  The morning sickness and fatigue have slowed me down a lot, but we’re hoping that now that I’m in the promised land of the second trimester, we can get back to knocking things off the list.

Given that this is our first baby, we don’t know how, when or if this will effect the list.  We’re hoping it won’t, but I guess we’ll see how it goes!


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#39 – Visit the giant pandas at the Toronto Zoo

Last Sunday was the first truly great Spring day in Toronto.  We wanted to take advantage and get outside, so we decided to head to the Zoo with our friend Laura.  We didn’t take many photos (too busy enjoying the amazing weather!), but got a couple of the pandas (super cute), little Humphrey the polar bear cub, and an otter (one of my favourites!).



Information about the Toronto Zoo can be found here.  The pandas Er Shun and Da Mao will be at the Toronto Zoo until Spring 2018 (I think), and then will go to Calgary for five years.  More information about the pandas can be found here.

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#52 – Ripley’s Aquarium

Last week we took a morning off unpacking to check out the new Ripley’s Aquarium.  We timed it perfectly, we were two of only a handful of people, and were largely on our own as we wandered through.  We both really enjoyed it and thought it was great.  We especially liked the Northern waters kelp forest and of course the tunnel tank.



Details: Information about Ripley’s Aquarium can be found here.  We’ve had friends and family go during peak time, and didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as we did, so aiming for the off times (first thing on a weekday, or later in the evenings), might improve the experience.


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Bonus #1 – Move

I’m not sure calling moving a bonus is fair; but we did move this month and it has taken up a lot (A LOT) of our time, so it feels like it needs to be acknowledged.  We are still living in a decent amount of chaos, but we are excited for the change; our new place already feels much more like a home, so I imagine once we aren’t walking through teetering piles of stuff it will be even better.

We did take a break from unpacking to hit up Ripley’s Aquarium and the Toronto Zoo this week, I’m hoping to get those posts up soon!


A photo of the realities of packing with cats; turn your back for a second and they are all up in there.


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