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#59 – Do line drawing portraits of each other

I don’t know about you, but both Adam and I had to do blind line drawings in high school art class.  These are drawings that you don’t take the pen/pencil off the page and you don’t look at what you are doing.  We were terrible at it, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


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#15 – Go to the Badlands

This weekend we drove out to Caledon to check out the Badlands.  This was another steal from the folks over at 365thingsin365days, I had no idea this existed before finding their awesome list.

It was a really easy drive and well worth it.  Super cool and lots of fun hiking all over the peaks.  There was a trail system leading out the main area, which we didn’t venture down, but I’m sure that would be fun to do as well.



For more information and directions, visit the Wikipedia page.

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#20 – Go to the Junction Flea

This Sunday was the opening weekend for the Junction Flea in the Brick Works. The Junction Flea operates at two different locations, which is new this year (I appreciate the sass they deliver when addressing whether they will change their name or not).  I broke the first rule of flea markets; don’t go expecting to find specific items.  We had a list (small, but it was still a list) of things we were looking for to add to the ongoing nursery decorating, so when I didn’t find anything, I was a disappointed.  Not in the Flea itself, which was really fun and had some interesting vendors; a great mix of antiques, vintage clothes, arts & crafts vendors and food (Augie’s Ice Pops is all I need to label an event a success).  I also was in fits over the adorable Detour Coffee RV.

The best thing about the new Brick Works location is everything else available once you’ve finished at the Flea; we had a delicious brunch at Cafe Belong (we might have mentioned once or twice how much we love it there), and then wandered through the shop indoors.

We ended up driving out to Innisfil to the Roadshow Antiques Mall out there and finding all the things on our nursery list, so all round a very successful day!  We’re looking forward to checking out the Junction Flea in the Stirling Road location sometime during the summer.


Details: Information about the Junction Flea can be found here, including dates, locations and admission costs.

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#31 – Toronto Flower Market

This Saturday was not only the first truly summer-like day we’ve had this year, it was also the opening day for the Toronto Flower Market.   Celebrating local vendors and Ontario picked flowers, it was the perfect day to wander through and pick out some flowers and I scored a couple more succulents for my little windowsill garden.  My darling friend Elizabeth was in town and met up with us.  After flower shopping, we got sodas and popsicles from the Pop Stand cart onsite, which definitely rivalled the flowers as my favourite part.  All in all, the perfect way to bring in summer.


The Toronto Flower Market runs on Saturday a month until October.  Dates and vendors can be found here.  Location can be found below (this map is just too cute).

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#67 – ROM Friday Night Live

Fridays in the Spring and Fall, the ROM stays open on Friday nights for Friday Night Live; local food vendors, bars and musical artists are spread around the museum, and all the dinos are backlit for dramatic effect.  Adam, my brother Will, his girlfriend Sam and I hit it up last Friday and we loved it.  We bought tickets in advance (highly recommended, the Need Em line was almost around the block before the doors opened), and came right when the doors opened.

Not only was wandering around museum at night with a beer (or soft drink) in hand strangely exhilarating, the musical stages, food vendors and interactive stations were great.  We left before the mainstage artists got started, but the music we did catch we really enjoyed.  It was also a great people watching venue; lots of first dates, groups of singles looking to meet each other, older couples, people dressed way up, or people (like us) in jeans and T’s.  Overall, super fun and we all would recommend it and go back.

On a more sentimental note, both my brothers moved to Toronto in the past 3 months and I just love it.  I know it can be rare for siblings to grow up to be as tight as we are, and also end up geographically close, so I feel incredibly lucky.  Whenever I get to casually see them, or get an email saying if I need someone to deliver ice cream, just give them a call, it’s special, and something I will never take for granted.



ROM’s Friday Night Live series runs every Friday until June 27.  It looks like there are still advance tickets available for all the dates.  Programming for each week and tickets can be found here.

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#17 – Visit the Yarmouth Street Elephant

Yesterday we celebrated the amazing life of my Granny who left us over Easter.  My Granny was a lot of things to a lot of people; it was over whelming to experience the amount of people who showed up yesterday to celebrate everything she did in the last 88 years.  Granny was the most interesting and interested person I’ve ever known; as my aunt said a few words yesterday about her life, there were plenty of laughs, as you can’t talk about Granny’s life without humour.  She was sassy, smart, stubborn, was always fiercely positive, and refused to live by any rules but her own.  We shared a love of theatre, scones & jam, potatoes and art, and I inherited just a smidge of her stubbornness.  Granny took me on my first air plane, when we travelled to England when I was 16 to visit our family there.

Granny loved our blog, and especially liked why we started it; to keep things new and interesting.  Today, we went to visit the Yarmouth Street Elephant, which I think she would have liked.  Sally was part of an OCAD thesis, and then once the exhibit was up, ended up on the front yard of 77 Yarmouth, just north of Christie Pits park.



For more information about Sally, both BlogTO and the Torontoist have somewhat recent articles.


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