#17 – Visit the Yarmouth Street Elephant

Yesterday we celebrated the amazing life of my Granny who left us over Easter.  My Granny was a lot of things to a lot of people; it was over whelming to experience the amount of people who showed up yesterday to celebrate everything she did in the last 88 years.  Granny was the most interesting and interested person I’ve ever known; as my aunt said a few words yesterday about her life, there were plenty of laughs, as you can’t talk about Granny’s life without humour.  She was sassy, smart, stubborn, was always fiercely positive, and refused to live by any rules but her own.  We shared a love of theatre, scones & jam, potatoes and art, and I inherited just a smidge of her stubbornness.  Granny took me on my first air plane, when we travelled to England when I was 16 to visit our family there.

Granny loved our blog, and especially liked why we started it; to keep things new and interesting.  Today, we went to visit the Yarmouth Street Elephant, which I think she would have liked.  Sally was part of an OCAD thesis, and then once the exhibit was up, ended up on the front yard of 77 Yarmouth, just north of Christie Pits park.



For more information about Sally, both BlogTO and the Torontoist have somewhat recent articles.


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One thought on “#17 – Visit the Yarmouth Street Elephant

  1. I’m so glad I got to meet your granny and experience her lovely self!

    And also, where can I get one of these elephants? I think Owl Hill needs one.

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