#20 – Go to the Junction Flea

This Sunday was the opening weekend for the Junction Flea in the Brick Works. The Junction Flea operates at two different locations, which is new this year (I appreciate the sass they deliver when addressing whether they will change their name or not).  I broke the first rule of flea markets; don’t go expecting to find specific items.  We had a list (small, but it was still a list) of things we were looking for to add to the ongoing nursery decorating, so when I didn’t find anything, I was a disappointed.  Not in the Flea itself, which was really fun and had some interesting vendors; a great mix of antiques, vintage clothes, arts & crafts vendors and food (Augie’s Ice Pops is all I need to label an event a success).  I also was in fits over the adorable Detour Coffee RV.

The best thing about the new Brick Works location is everything else available once you’ve finished at the Flea; we had a delicious brunch at Cafe Belong (we might have mentioned once or twice how much we love it there), and then wandered through the shop indoors.

We ended up driving out to Innisfil to the Roadshow Antiques Mall out there and finding all the things on our nursery list, so all round a very successful day!  We’re looking forward to checking out the Junction Flea in the Stirling Road location sometime during the summer.


Details: Information about the Junction Flea can be found here, including dates, locations and admission costs.

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6 thoughts on “#20 – Go to the Junction Flea

  1. Jenn Dunn says:

    DUDE! You had to drive past Newmarket to get to Innisfil! 😛
    I’ll let it slide this time…

  2. Becky says:

    These markets are so fascinating! I love to browse and dream. I’ll have to put this one on our list for when we get back to Toronto 🙂

  3. Where are the pictures of the things you bought for the nursery? I can’t wait to see the final design!!

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