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#54 – Make a pie from scratch

This Monday was our 2nd Anniversary, so to celebrate we used our freshly picked strawberries and made a pie from scratch.



Details: We used two different recipes from Smitten Kitchen for the pie; for the crust, we used the Pie Crust 102 All Butter recipe, found here, and for the filling the Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Improved recipe, found here.  We loved the pastry, and the filling was great too, Adam says it blew him away.

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#8 – Go berry picking

We started summer off right by going strawberry picking on Saturday.  We clearly hit the sweet spot, because even though people were leaving as we arrived with buckets of strawberries, there were still plenty for us.

#8---Berry-picking (2)


Details: We went picking at Andrews Scenic Acres, details can be found here.

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#37 – Ride a tandem bike

After visiting the Butterfly Conservatory this weekend, we were headed to visit with Adam’s family, when we drove past a bike rental outpost that had a tandem bike out front, so of course we stopped and went for a ride.  So fun, but did take a bit to get the knack of it.   The person in the back (me) can’t see, doesn’t steer or brake, so basically has to give up control (not my strength).  The person in front (Adam) needs to communicate pretty well, since it’s one chain, and both riders need to pedal, or not, at the same time.  Overall, between this and our tandem log sawing, we’re basically covering couples therapy for the year.  We really liked it once we figured it out, and the trails around Niagara-on-the-Lake are amazing for biking.  So fun!


Details: The rental outpost was Zoom Leisure Bike Rentals (the same place we rented bikes from last year).  Information and rates from Zoom can be found here.

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#36 – Go to the Junction Farmer’s Market

A couple weeks ago we went back to our old neighbourhood to hit up the Junction Farmer’s Market.  On the smaller side, it still had a bunch of great stalls, but we didn’t end up getting anything other than a snack (Scotch quail egg for Adam and a chedder pretzel for me), as I was on the hunt for Ontario strawberries, and none of the greens available were going to do it.


Details: Information about the Junction Farmer’s Market can be found here.

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#48 – Go to the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory is one of my absolute favourite places.  It’s so magical, and this weekend was no exception!


Details: Information about the Butterfly Conservatory can be found here.

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#51 – Go to a Toronto Street Festival

Last weekend my Instagram feed filled up with photos from the Dundas West Fest, so we decided to check it out.  It was a fun walk up and down; we beat the heat with quarters of watermelons, and ducking into shops.  We found a great print for the baby’s room for only $5, so were pretty pleased all round!  Adam did stop and stare longingly once and a while at the beer gardens, this little bump is messing with his patio groove.


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#53 – Make pizza over a campfire

As we were fighting with sticky dough last weekend camping, Adam asked how this one made it on the list and I honestly don’t remember whether we saw it somewhere or it was added on a whim.  Either way, it was a near fail and we were sure we were going to go hungry due to A. not really having a plan on how to cook the pizza or B. not thinking to bring a back up meal.

Regardless, this semi-worked and ended up as something mildly edible (throw enough cheese on something and it’s always edible, amirite?)

Details: No one should try doing this the way we did it.  It was just lucky we got the dough to cook.  Here are two recipes using raw dough, but using a dutch oven and a campfire calzone type pocket.

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#30 – Get ice cream from Tom’s Dairy Freeze

So this one we knocked off a couple weeks ago, I just haven’t gotten around to posting it yet.  And let’s be honest, we are going to be hitting up Tom’s a lot this summer, especially since we moved we’re only 10 minutes away.

Open since 1969, Tom’s has any kind of ice cream concoction you could want. #yum



Details: Information about Tom’s can be found here and here.


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