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Around Toronto: NEW Best mac’n’cheese list!

Guys! We just got back from an amazing week in Ireland (post coming soon!), and while we were away BlogTO posted an updated Best Mac and Cheese list.  Totally revamped from the 2010 list we were working off of last year, looks like we have some work to do!

Find the updated list here.


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Around Toronto: Summerlicious

This is a bit late, but this weekend is the last stretch of Summerlicious.  Get out there and try some delicious food!  Participating restaurants and menus can be found here.


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#47 – Ride the Port Dalhousie carousel

I have a serious thing for carousels; I think they have (at least the vintage ones) the perfect combo of romantic and whimsy.  Adam took me to the Port Dalousie carousel when we first started dating, and I super loved it, but we’ve never managed to get back there.

Last week we made it out, and for the hot price of 10 cents (just a nickle each!), we took a ride.  The only bummer about the carousel (built between 1898 & 1905, and arriving in Canada in 1921), is that is it housed in a really unfortunate looking brick building to protect it from the elements.  Otherwise, it is so great!


Details: More information about the carousel (officially called the Lakeside Park Carousel) can be found here.  There’s a pretty lovely beach right next to the carousel, would be so worth making a day of it!


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#28 – Cherry picking

These past few weeks have just been bananas; full of work and personal commitments, we have only knocked a couple things off our list and I just haven’t had the time (or energy) to post about it. I’m going to try to catch up completely this week. We’re heading off on the big one (#98!) soon, so I want to be up to date before then!

Last week we went out to the Niagara region to hit the very short cherry picking season. I added this to the list without checking to see the picking season; turns out it’s only 10-14 days long max, and was a fair bit later this year due to the long winter we had.


Details: We went to the Cherry Avenue Farm in Lincoln. Details can be found here. It looks like they still have fruit, so if you want to check it out, go soon!

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