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#99 – Make fancy homemade popsicles

Adam is all about the gadgets, so he got this Zoku popsicle maker for this one.  It’s pretty great, as it freezes the popsicles in minutes, rather than hours.  We made Roasted Strawberry & Coconut and Sweet Tea and Peach.   The strawberry and coconut ones were the big winners; it’s unlikely they’ll last through the rest of today!



Details: The Roasted Strawberry & Coconut recipe can be found here.  The Sweet Tea and Peach recipe can be found here.

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#14 – Make pickles

I super love pickles, and have always wanted to try making them, so on the list it went.  We picked the easiest refrigerator recipe we could find and were pretty pleased with how they turned out! 


Details: We used this recipe for our pickles.  We did deviate from the recipe in that we used smaller jars instead of one large jar, and we definitely added more garlic than the recipe outlines.  The recipe says they are ready after 3 days, we found that 7+ days improved the pickle-ness of them.  

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Bonus #2 – Decorate a nursery

Planning and decorating the nursery was how I dealt with morning sickness; whenever I was feeling particularly terrible, I’ll work on it and it helped take my mind off it (now that the nursery is done and I still have morning sickness, I buy adorable baby clothes when I need a distraction, this kid is going to have quite the wardrobe).

I started with a Pinterest board, and went from there.  We started decorating the nursery long before we knew we were having a boy, so it’s fairly gender neutral.  We re-purposed some furniture we had (Adam’s childhood desk, the big arm chair and a couple book shelves), and everything else was found or bought.   All the textiles in the room (curtains, crib sheets, quilts and knitted blankets) were lovingly made by family members, mostly Adam’s mum.


Below is where to find most everything we bought for the room, mainly the art work; I spent a lot of time tracking it down from non-sourced Pinterest images, so hoping to make this easier for anyone who might be interested.


1. Prints from Jahna Vashti Fine Art on Etsy.  2.  Prints from smalladventure on Etsy.  3.  DaVinci Jenny Lind crib from Baby Shack in Whitby.  4. Print from Matthew Taylor Wilson on Society6. 5.  Camera clock from Decoylab on Etsy.  6.  Prints from Amy Hamilton on Society6.  7.  Hardware from Anthropologie.  Fox here, owl here.  It looks like they are out of stock of the mouse.  8.  Print from Sandra Dieckmann on Society6.  9.  Raskog kitchen cart from Ikea. This is so handy I already want to get more!  10.  Wooden rattles from Manzanita Kids on Etsy.
We got the vintage wallpaper used on the sides of the change table drawers from RetroWallpaper on Etsy.

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#35 – Vinyl treasure hunting

We got a record player as a wedding gift way back in 2012, which we were pretty excited about.  We then went a little crazy buying records, so we had to slow down a bit.  So, on the list this one went, to let us indulge a bit.  We hit up Pandemonium in the Junction near our place, which I also love because it’s also a used book store. We left with a few records and some books.


Details: Pandamonium is in the Junction, hours and information can be found here.  Pandamonium made BlogTO’s list of Best Record Stores in Toronto; the rest of the list can be found here.

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#61 – Make three recipes from our cookbook collection

We have a fairly large collection of cookbooks; mostly of the vegetarian variety that I’ve collected over the years.  They rarely, if ever, have been used, as I’m not much of a cook, and I find cookbooks intimidating.  We decided this needed to stop, and on the list it went.

We hosted our parents for dinner over the weekend, and it seemed like as good a time as any to try some new recipes.  We picked recipes from two cookbooks; It’s All Good by Gwyneth Paltrow and Vegetarian by Alice Hart.

From It’s All Good, we made a braised chicken with green olives and lemon, and charred corn with sage.  From Vegetarian, we made an asparagus and barley salad with chive dressing.  All were hits; easy to put together and everyone seemed to really enjoy them.  Adam took care of the meat dish, and said he would make it again for sure.  I did the two veggie dishes; the corn I would make every night, it was so easy and so delicious.  The barley dish was great for vegetarians; with the barley and kidney beans, it was hearty enough to be a meal.

We also put together a pretty kickass cheese plate, and made a fruit salad for dessert with a mint & lime dressing, and vanilla whipped cream.


Details: Both cookbooks can be found at Indigo or Amazon.  Regardless of your feelings for Gwyneth Paltrow, I think I would recommend It’s All Good over Vegetarian, simply because the recipes are simpler, but everything we’ve made is super delicious.  The Vegetarian cookbook is definitely more elevated and intimidating.

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#57 – Host a dinner for our parents

We recently finished the nursery (photos coming soon!), so it seemed the perfect time to have the soon-to-be grandparents over for dinner.

It was a great night; tasty food, great company and followed by a walk down to the waterfront.  We’ll be posting about the menu tomorrow!


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#82 – (Run) another 5K together

There was no running involved, but this Saturday we headed back to Buffalo to do the Colo(u)r Run again.  We did look at other 5K options, but our hearts belong to the Colo(u)r Run.  My brother Will came with us again, and his wonderful girlfriend Sam came too.  We once again had an amazing time, and can’t wait to make this a family tradition with the little guy next year.

Speaking of family traditions, it was so great to spend the weekend reminiscing with Will about our childhoods, and what we are excited about doing with the baby once he arrives.  This kid definitely scored in the uncle and aunt category; he’s one lucky dude!


Details: Information, location and dates for upcoming Color Runs in Canada can be found here.  American dates and locations can be found here.

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#40 – Join Postcrossing

We joined Postcrossing early in the year (check!), and I had good intentions of participating throughout the year, but it just didn’t happen.  Postcrossing is a postcard pen pal service; totally free to join, you get assigned 5 addresses around the world.  Once your sent postcards have been received, your address is assigned to 5 random participants around the world and you start to receive postcards.  The number of active addresses are limited to ensure you are participating, but the more you send, the higher number you can have at once.

We sent postcards to Russia, Belarus, The Netherlands, USA and Germany, and received postcards from USA (x2), Japan, Russia and Poland.

This is something we will definitely pick up again in the future, maybe when our little boy is old enough to participate; I think it would be a fun thing for kids to do.


Details: The Postcrossing website can be found here.

I got the retro Canadiana postcards from the Drake General Store, but Valhalla also carries them and has a huge selection.

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#71 – Go to a lavender farm

We went to Terre Bleu lavender farm this weekend and it was so, so lovely.   Of course it smelled amazing, but it was also super peaceful and quiet, except for the hum of the bees from the apiary.


Details: Terre Bleu farm is located in Milton.  Hours and location can be found here.  In addition to the field, there is an apiary and small shop full of lavender goodies including soaps, honey, maple syrup, tea, etc.

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#95 – Outdoor concert

I’m a huge fan (huge) of knocking off more than one thing off our list in a go, so when I realized the Toronto Botanical Gardens had an outdoor music series, I was pretty pleased.  We got to the gardens a little past the start of the concert, so wandered around the fringes of the crowd for a bit, and then into the gardens themselves; the music was loud enough we could hear it throughout the gardens.  The band playing the night we went was the Devin Cuddy Band.


Details: The Edwards Summer Music series runs Thursdays from 7:00-8:30.  Information about the artists can be found here.  We came too late, but they also have a Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 2:00-7:00; the makings of a great evening!

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