Making some changes

Ok, folks, after some discussion, Adam and I are making a couple changes to the list, to accommodate our new reality (largely my increasingly limited physical abilities and managing our budget with all the new gear we need to get).

So, we are swapping out three items from our list for some alternates.  They will reappear again on future lists (we have a working document of ideas, so they’ll go back on there for now).  

The three items coming off are;

#71 – Shakespeare in High Park 
#73 – Take a tour of another city
#99 – Ride in a limo

#71 is off due to the fact I just can’t sit on the ground (or anywhere) comfortably for 2+ hours.  #73 is off, as we had planned on three vacations this year (Ireland, plus two others), but due to the wee one our plans changed a little (a lot) this year.  Finally, #99 is coming off just as it’s a larger ticket item, and we’re just about to get all the remaining baby gear, leaving our remaining “fun” budget in an alarming position. 

So, below are the items that are coming in to fill the gaps;

#71 – Go to a lavender farm
#73 – Get some Toronto BBQ
#99 – Make fancy homemade popsicles

(Can you guess which one made the list due to cravings?)

2 thoughts on “Making some changes

  1. Becky says:

    Good for you! These lists are done with the intent of making our lives better, not creating undue stress. We’ve actually been adjusting our list all year long. Our final rule:

    “We are allowed to modify the list slightly to adjust for life changes during the year (as long as the goal of doing 100 great things is still met).”

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