#40 – Join Postcrossing

We joined Postcrossing early in the year (check!), and I had good intentions of participating throughout the year, but it just didn’t happen.  Postcrossing is a postcard pen pal service; totally free to join, you get assigned 5 addresses around the world.  Once your sent postcards have been received, your address is assigned to 5 random participants around the world and you start to receive postcards.  The number of active addresses are limited to ensure you are participating, but the more you send, the higher number you can have at once.

We sent postcards to Russia, Belarus, The Netherlands, USA and Germany, and received postcards from USA (x2), Japan, Russia and Poland.

This is something we will definitely pick up again in the future, maybe when our little boy is old enough to participate; I think it would be a fun thing for kids to do.


Details: The Postcrossing website can be found here.

I got the retro Canadiana postcards from the Drake General Store, but Valhalla also carries them and has a huge selection.

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One thought on “#40 – Join Postcrossing

  1. Becky says:

    I think this is getting added to my list for next year! What fun. I love sending mail. I’m the holdout who still sends at least a 100 birthday cards by mail every year to friends and family.

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