Bonus #2 – Decorate a nursery

Planning and decorating the nursery was how I dealt with morning sickness; whenever I was feeling particularly terrible, I’ll work on it and it helped take my mind off it (now that the nursery is done and I still have morning sickness, I buy adorable baby clothes when I need a distraction, this kid is going to have quite the wardrobe).

I started with a Pinterest board, and went from there.  We started decorating the nursery long before we knew we were having a boy, so it’s fairly gender neutral.  We re-purposed some furniture we had (Adam’s childhood desk, the big arm chair and a couple book shelves), and everything else was found or bought.   All the textiles in the room (curtains, crib sheets, quilts and knitted blankets) were lovingly made by family members, mostly Adam’s mum.


Below is where to find most everything we bought for the room, mainly the art work; I spent a lot of time tracking it down from non-sourced Pinterest images, so hoping to make this easier for anyone who might be interested.


1. Prints from Jahna Vashti Fine Art on Etsy.  2.  Prints from smalladventure on Etsy.  3.  DaVinci Jenny Lind crib from Baby Shack in Whitby.  4. Print from Matthew Taylor Wilson on Society6. 5.  Camera clock from Decoylab on Etsy.  6.  Prints from Amy Hamilton on Society6.  7.  Hardware from Anthropologie.  Fox here, owl here.  It looks like they are out of stock of the mouse.  8.  Print from Sandra Dieckmann on Society6.  9.  Raskog kitchen cart from Ikea. This is so handy I already want to get more!  10.  Wooden rattles from Manzanita Kids on Etsy.
We got the vintage wallpaper used on the sides of the change table drawers from RetroWallpaper on Etsy.

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7 thoughts on “Bonus #2 – Decorate a nursery

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love that I saw this before your actual nursery pictures. I said to myself, “I love everything here!” and low & behold… you have everything here! Beautiful.

  2. Becky says:

    So, so lovely. I love that it’s colorful and artistic and full of nature without resorting to loud primary colors and Disney. Also, that teal kitchen cart is fantastic, I’m going to head out and get one for Lucy’s craft supplies in her bedroom.

  3. Erika says:

    This is such a great room! You did an amazing job. Just wondering – where did you get the matching frames for all the artwork?

    • Thank you, we really love the room and can’t wait to get our little guy in there!! We got all the frames from Indigo (from their Gallery Frame collection – we have the white wash frames). We had to get a couple custom made mats for a couple of the larger pieces.

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