#79 – Let a friend plan our day

We turned control of our Saturday this weekend over to our friends Sara and Jamie.  Given that we are committed West enders, and they are East enders, Sara put together a “Explore the East Adventure” for us; taking us through their Cabbagetown neighbourhood, to the Distillery and then ending at The Beaches.  They also included two other list items (Allan Gardens and Riverdale Park – more photos to come!), which we loved.  So much thought was put into the details of the day, it was amazing.  We loved all of it, and couldn’t possibly pick a favourite part of the day, but we did love The Scullery, putting a lock on the Love Sculpture in the Distillery (we have a lock on a bridge in Paris for us, so it was lovely to do a lock for the wee babe), and Moo Milk Bar!  It was such a fun day, and we so appreciate them taking the time to put together this wicked itinerary for us!

Explore the East – An itinerary for Sam and Adam

10:30AM: Brunch with Sara and Jamie at The Scullery (YUM!) http://thescullery.ca/menu/brunch/

11:30AM: Walk to Sara and Jamie’s place to meet and pick-up Charlie

11:45-12:45: Walk Charlie around the Cabbagetown. Stops include:

o Dollarama to buy a lock
o Labour of Love
o PetValu to get Charlie a treat
o Riverdale Park/Park Snacks

12:45PM: Say bye to Sara and Jamie and drive (or walk) over to Allen Gardens

1:00PM-1:30PM: Explore the greenhouse (take a photo in your favourite room)

1:30PM: Drive to the Distillery District (south on Parliament until Mill Street)

o Paid street parking on Mill, or there is a Green P on the west side of Parliament at Mill. There is also parking in the south lot of Distillery, but it’s a more expensive option.

1:45PM – 2:45PM: Explore the Distillery District and shops.

o Go to Brick Street Bakery (get a snack or sandwich and sit outside)
o Visit the Love Sculpture (and put a lock on it dedicated to the bebe)
o Find Distillery Lane (go south until the parking lot), walk west down the Lane (toward Parliament) until you see #36. You should be able to go inside. Look up! You’re in the building where Sara works – also a tourist stop with lots of interesting information about the original use of the building.

2:45PM: Drive to ‘The Beach’ (eg. the Beaches)

3:00PM – EOD: Park your car by Queen and Woodbine – go for a stroll to the east into the neighbourhood.

o Poke around in some cute shops or just take in the atmosphere
o Visit Moo Milk Bar for some milk and cookies (1918A Queen Street E)
o Bring your snacks over to Kew Gardens (just east of Queen/Waverley), walk south through the park to the beach. Find a bench and enjoy the summery weather! Take a selfie on the sand.
o If you’re peckish/want an early dinner – stop in at Lion on the Beach (back toward where you parked – 1958 Queen Street East) for some delish, low-key pub grub (with lots of veggie options)


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One thought on “#79 – Let a friend plan our day

  1. This is such a cute idea! I am really inspired now to find some friends to trade itineraries with! Thanks!

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