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#13 – Roast pumpkin seeds

Carving a pumpkin and then gorging on roasted seeds afterwards is basically a perfect Fall afternoon.  Yum.


Details: We used this recipe from Oh She Glows as a guide.  The seeds ended up tasting delicious, but I think I did something weird along the way, as they are not golden, but sort of patchy.

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#45 – Carve a pumpkin

We were really hoping to do this with baby present, but given that we are ten days past our due date, and no sign of his arrival (we’re just as frustrated and bored as you’d expect), we decided to just go for it.  We’re pretty pleased with our little pumpkin, and are hoping this baby arrives by Hallowe’en to enjoy it!


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#62 – Bubblegum bubble blowing competition

We’re approaching a week past baby’s due date, and so it seemed an appropriate time to knock this one off, as I am literally about to pop (saw that opening and went for it).  We’re/I’m getting pretty frustrated and bored of waiting for baby boy to decide he is ready to join us, so keep your fingers crossed for us that he doesn’t keep us waiting much longer!


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#93 – Brewer’s Backyard at the Brickworks

This is another swap on our list; #93 was originally ‘Get away on vacation’, which I was holding on to for as long as I could, just in case.  But with the baby due soon (tomorrow!  Hopefully he’s punctual), and only a handful of weeks left of the year, I had to give it up.  So we decided to check out the Brewer’s Backyard event at The Brickworks; totally appropriate for a pregnant lady.  Despite not partaking in the drinks myself, Adam did, and we had a great time.  You all know we love the Brickworks, and this was a fun addition to the space.  There was an Octoberfest theme; three breweries had pretty extensive draft lists and Wvrst was onsite with their fancy sausages. Adam tried Beau’s Nightmarzan Oktoberfest Lager and Junction Craft Brewing‘s Acheterbahn Dunkel. Black Oak Brewery was also onsite, but he didn’t try anything from them and his favourite of the two was the Beau’s.  We had a great time at the event, and exploring the space and would definitely go back.


Details: Information about the Brewer’s Backyard series can be found here.  It looks like they have multiple locations and events throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons.  Information about events at the Brickworks can be found here.

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#19 – Wander Kensington Market

Last weekend we met up with Will and Sam, and my cousin Anna to wander through Kensington Market.  We started at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky, then wandered up and down Augusta, stopping in various shops as we went.  We also had a tasty vegan lunch at Urban Herbivore.  Will left with the niftiest find; a baby blue vintage typewriter.


Details: Information about Kensington Market can be found here.

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#77 – Visit Allan Gardens

Despite going to school a block from Allan Gardens, I’ve never been in, so on the list it went.  It’s a beautiful greenhouse with a labyrinth of different rooms in the middle of a sort of dodgy area.  It’s really nice to wander through, and it’s great that it’s free.  This was another stop on our East End Adventure planned by Sara and Jamie.


Details: Information about Allan Gardens can be found here.

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#78 – Visit Riverdale Park

We went to Riverdale Park (and farm), as part of our East End adventure planned by our friends Sara and Jamie.  Super cute.


Details: Location and amenities for Riverdale Park can be found here. Information about the farm can be found here.

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#66 – Attend a Wild Wild West potluck

This one is a brainchild of my brother Eric.  He invited us all for a family potluck dinner, but we weren’t allowed to share what we were bringing; hence the Wild Wild West theme.  The danger was we could end up with seven desserts.  In the end, it worked out completely balanced, but no desserts (baby and I were a little disappointed about that!).  My parents really embraced the theme, and were wearing some great cowboy hats when we arrived (they are going to be just the best grandparents).

The menu ended up being;

Bruscetta (Will)
Homemade salsa (Sam)
*Will and Sam took it to another level and decided to Iron Chef their contribution.  They picked tomatoes as their key ingredient, and then they each picked a dish.  We all were judges, and Sam won for effort, Will won for overall dish.

Sliders with toppings (Eric)
Ribs (Melissa)
Hot dogs and veggie dogs over the fire (Mum & Dad)

Baked potatoes (Mum & Dad)
Quinoa salad (me)
Pizza pasta pot (Adam)
Noodle salad (Melissa)


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