#66 – Attend a Wild Wild West potluck

This one is a brainchild of my brother Eric.  He invited us all for a family potluck dinner, but we weren’t allowed to share what we were bringing; hence the Wild Wild West theme.  The danger was we could end up with seven desserts.  In the end, it worked out completely balanced, but no desserts (baby and I were a little disappointed about that!).  My parents really embraced the theme, and were wearing some great cowboy hats when we arrived (they are going to be just the best grandparents).

The menu ended up being;

Bruscetta (Will)
Homemade salsa (Sam)
*Will and Sam took it to another level and decided to Iron Chef their contribution.  They picked tomatoes as their key ingredient, and then they each picked a dish.  We all were judges, and Sam won for effort, Will won for overall dish.

Sliders with toppings (Eric)
Ribs (Melissa)
Hot dogs and veggie dogs over the fire (Mum & Dad)

Baked potatoes (Mum & Dad)
Quinoa salad (me)
Pizza pasta pot (Adam)
Noodle salad (Melissa)


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