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#4 – Give back

We feel so thankful that little Henry arrived safely and healthy, and wanted to pick charities that will help babies, children and their families that may not be as lucky.

We choose to donate to SickKid’s Get Better Gifts campaign; we picked a visit from a service animal and books for the children’s library.  We also donated to Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope campaign; we picked a newborn check up and school essentials for a child.


Details: A full list of SickKids’ Get Better gifts can be found here.  A full list of Plan’s Gifts of Hope can be found here.

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Making a few more changes – the baby effect

We’re making a few more swaps on the list due to three baby related reasons; 1. Baby Henry was almost two entire weeks late which eliminated the window for a couple things.  2.  He arrived via emergency c-section, with an unexpected longer recovery time. And 3. I’m not sure I’ll be able to leave him for more than 5 minutes until he goes to school (even then, I’m sceptical), so we had to take off a couple things that weren’t baby friendly.

I am hoping these are all attainable, and that we get this list finished.  Everything that we are taking off are being added to our 2015 list, so we still will get them done eventually!

Moved to 2015;

#4. Go to a comedy show
#44. Hike the Beltline Trail
#69. Corn maze
#75. Royal Winter Fair
#88. Visit the Toronto Archives
#90. Ping pong date

Replaced with;

#4. Give back
#44. Take photos with Santa
#69. Install bird feeders on the balcony
#75. Vendor Queens Market at the Brickworks
#88.  Try butter coffee at Hula Girl
#90. Donut vending machine

#86 – Visit a local Arboretum

We’ve been a family of three for two weeks now, and while Adam is back at work, I’m still at the point where going out and doing anything seems a little overwhelming, so we’re still a couple weeks away from knocking anything else off the list.  I did realize I didn’t post this item we knocked off way back over the Thanksgiving weekend when we visited the Humber Arboretum.

We went to the Arboretum on a perfect Fall morning.  My dad, who is an incredibly talented landscape designer (he’d never brag about how good he is, so I pick up the slack), worked here in the early 80s, just after it opened.  He was in charge of day to day operations which included private fundraising, nature interpretation, educational links with the landscape program at Humber College and running field classes for gardening enthusiasts.  It was pretty neat to wander around the grounds, knowing my dad was so involved at one time.


Details: Information about the Humber Arboretum can be found here.

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The Biggest Bonus: The sweetest thing

Baby boy finally arrived this Tuesday.  We’ll be taking a bit of a break from the list as we fall in love and figure out becoming a family of three.  We’ll be going after the remaining 22 items with a vengeance shortly with our new little team mate!


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