Making a few more changes – the baby effect

We’re making a few more swaps on the list due to three baby related reasons; 1. Baby Henry was almost two entire weeks late which eliminated the window for a couple things.  2.  He arrived via emergency c-section, with an unexpected longer recovery time. And 3. I’m not sure I’ll be able to leave him for more than 5 minutes until he goes to school (even then, I’m sceptical), so we had to take off a couple things that weren’t baby friendly.

I am hoping these are all attainable, and that we get this list finished.  Everything that we are taking off are being added to our 2015 list, so we still will get them done eventually!

Moved to 2015;

#4. Go to a comedy show
#44. Hike the Beltline Trail
#69. Corn maze
#75. Royal Winter Fair
#88. Visit the Toronto Archives
#90. Ping pong date

Replaced with;

#4. Give back
#44. Take photos with Santa
#69. Install bird feeders on the balcony
#75. Vendor Queens Market at the Brickworks
#88.  Try butter coffee at Hula Girl
#90. Donut vending machine

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