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#100 – Make a 1 second everyday video

One second of (almost) every day in December; Henry’s first home movie.  It;s been a big year of big changes for us, we’re looking forward to tackling our Family Edition list in 2015!

#89 – Make each other a mix tape

We made each other mix tapes for Christmas; we’re keeping the playlists to ourselves, but check out these neat cassette USB sticks we found!


Details: The USBs are from Milktape, info found here.

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#42 – Learn to make balloon animals

Though tempted to pull this;


We did actually learn a couple proper animals and we’ll be pulling this party trick out at Henry’s birthday parties for a good long time.  I learned to make a (questionable) fish, and Adam learned to make a dog; though given the body to tail ratio, we think it looks more like a squirrel.


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#92 – Eat a caramel apple

Who knew this would be one of the hardest to knock off?  We never could find a caramel apple any where we went, so we improvised today and made our own snack version with dulce de leche and toasted coconut.  Super delicious!


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#46 – Make mulled wine

We went rouge on this one and didn’t follow a recipe.  I dumped wine, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange slices, cranberries and honey into a pot and let it simmer for a bit, then we consumed.  Adam said it was pretty good (and made the apartment smell amazing), but I was pretty into it.  It was my first drink in 2014, though, so anything boozy would get my stamp of approval at this point.


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#55 – Take tilt shift photos

The miniature effect is one of my favourites of our camera.  We unfortunately forgot this camera when we went to Ireland, but I’ve been trying to remember to take some photos throughout the year (obviously not a ton were taken), but I still think it looks so neat!


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#85 – Baby’s first Christmas

Henry passed the eight week mark just before Christmas and his two month birthday just after.  The holidays were an overwhelming blur of family and celebrations, which we tried our best to take in from the haze of exhaustion (this babe does not sleep, which means I, and to a lesser extent Adam, do not sleep).  We tried to be as conscientious as we could that we would want to remember Henry’s first Christmas; some of our favourite photos below!  We are so grateful to our families for making the holidays magical for Henry (and spoiling him rotten!)  Hope everyone had a happy and love-filled holidays!


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#21 – Create a submission for Dear Photograph

We knocked this one off way back in June when we went to Killbear Park.  When we got home we realized the photo wasn’t perfectly lined up or in focus (this was trickier than expected, especially since we couldn’t see our display very well), and we had intended to retry with a different photo and location.  But, we ran out of time, so here it is!  Expect to see this one reappear on next year’s list so we can get it right.


Details: If you haven’t scrolled through the Dear Photograph site, you are missing out.  Found here.

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#3 – Make a fort

What better activity for a group of 25-30 year olds on Boxing Day?  Henry’s first fort!  We will need to level up once he knows what’s actually happening.


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#75 – Vendor Queens Market at the Brickworks

We hit up the Vendor Queens Market the The Brickworks today to finish off our holiday shopping.  It was a great little market of a variety of vendors; jewellery, art, clothing, wood working, soaps, honey, etc.  We scored a number of great items, but we’re only showing our collection of brown bags below, we don’t want to spoil any Christmas surprises!   The cinnamon honey was a treat for us!


Details: Information about Vendor Queens can be found here.  Information about the Brickworks can be found here.

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