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#56 – Family brunch at Little Fish

Since Henry has been born, we’ve basically been shut-ins; largely due to the long, cold, crappy winter we’ve had, but also cause he’s never been a quiet, chill kind of baby, so public outings made me nervous,  Other than a baby music class and our parents’ places, we haven’t ventured out much.   But, last week I grabbed hold of all my courage and headed out to the passport office, sure it was going to be a disaster,  Did he ever prove me wrong – just sat quietly on my lap for the whole hour and a half wait checking out the people around us.  It was a total win, and in the rush of confidence I had after, we decided to try brunch as a family this weekend.

We discovered Little Fish while I was pregnant and it’s quickly become our favourite.  Guys, they make a dish that is pierogis topped with poached eggs and hollandaise.  It is crazy delicious,  First brunch in five months and I was in heaven and so happy to get it back in the rotation.


Details: Little Fish doesn’t seem to have a website.  BlogTO’s review can be found here.

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#59 – Take Sam’s parents to Cafe Belong

Oh boy, guys, are we ever slacking.  Little Henry has been on sleep strike since day one, and do I ever have a deep and real understanding why they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture.  We are slowly and surely chipping away at our list, but finding a second and a half to post is another thing altogether (this post brought to you by our newly acquired exersaucer).

Cafe Belong is our favourite restaurant in the city; no secret there, we’ve managed to get it on the list every year in a different way.  Ever since we discovered it, we’ve always said how much my parents would love it, but we never managed to get it organized (we took Adam’s parents there at some point).

So two weekends ago we enlisted my brother and his girlfriend to babysit (for those keeping count, that would be two baby-free outings in two weeks), and we all headed over for a lovely lunch.  We wandered the farmer’s market at the Brickworks first, and then had the usual exceptional lunch; great food, great service, great company.


Details: Information about hours, location and menu can be found here.

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#28 – Go to a musical

This past Friday, as part of our baby-free date night, Adam and I went to see Once.  I’ve been wanting to see it for ages, and it did not disappoint.   The music and talent was just unbelievable, and it was captivating enough to keep two extremely sleep deprived parents engaged well past our bedtime.  The bar that functions as the set opens before the show and at intermission to patrons; as my mum said when my parents went the week earlier, “we did the whole experience!”.  Overall, a really amazing show and one we would both see again!


Details: Once is on stage at the Ed Mirvish theatre (the old Canon) until the end of May.  Details and tickets can be found here.

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#8 – Baby-free date night

At Christmas, when Henry was two months old, we booked tickets to see Once on March 6, a week after he turned four months. I was sure that he would be sleeping without problems at night (he isn’t), and that I would be ready to leave him (I wasn’t).  But, the tickets were booked and we were doing it.  My parents were the designated babysitters, and I left them (a modest) two index cards of instructions, and only ran them through the whole bedtime routine once, and resisted the urge to quiz them on it.

We went for a really nice dinner and then out to the show.  We did kill some time before our reservation in Indigo, and bought Henry some new books, but otherwise tried to focus on just enjoying the time to ourselves.


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