#42 – Get Beavertails

When we were kids, my family would go to Ottawa every winter to visit my aunt and uncle, partake in Winterlude and all sorts of highly Canadian winter activities.  One of which was skating up the Rideau Canal.  We’d start at point A, and point B was always the Beavertail stand, so halfway through our skate we’d stop and devour a warm Beavertail and a hot chocolate at a picnic table on the ice.  Canadiana at its finest.

For our American readers, Beavertails are essentially flat, oval doughnuts, I guess vaguely resembling the shape of a beaver’s tail (it’s a stretch though, tbh).  And they are flat out delicious.

We hit up the Toronto Zoo last weekend and they have a Beavertail truck, so we indulged.  Adam got a Nutella covered option, while I went with the classic Killaloe (sugar, cinnamon and a wedge of lemon).


Details: Beavertails are set up at a few permanent locations, plus they pop up at festivals and are available for catering.  Info can be found here.

One thought on “#42 – Get Beavertails

  1. Becky says:

    Way too tasty…(here they are “elephant ears” and we get them at the zoo or the fair!)

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