#92 – Henry’s first plane ride

We’ve been MIA lately, but we’re catching up after a pretty big weekend.   We spent our May long weekend in California celebrating a friend of mine as she married her forever guy.  It was an amazing weekend of events, full of friends, love and incredible details, and we were so very glad to be there to celebrate with the couple.  I nearly chickened out about 50 times; the flying, the time change were freaking me the heck out; but we did it and Henry was a total champ from start to finish.  We took two flights to get to San Diego, but these photos are just from the first leg to Denver.  We’ll be posting more photos of our trip and the four (five?) other things we crossed off soon!


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2 thoughts on “#92 – Henry’s first plane ride

  1. Becky says:

    I’m glad you went. He will only get less and less portable the older he gets 🙂

    • We are too!! As daunting as it felt before we went, it did end up being as simple as travelling with a baby could be. I was definitely eyeing up the parents travelling with toddlers who were having a WAY harder time of it!

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