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#37 – Make fancy homemade lemonade

We had the cutest picnic this past weekend with some adorable babes (post coming soon!), so I made a couple lemonades to bring along.  I sort of used the recipe below as a base, but used agave instead of sugar (and much less), which made it a little tart, so upped the water.  I made a Watermelon & Agave Lemonade (blended fresh watermelon, added to lemon juice, water & agave) and a Roasted Pineapple, fresh mint & Agave Lemonade (roasted pineapple at 400C, blended with fresh mint, strained into lemon juice, agave and water)..  Both seemed to be hits, but I think the Roasted Pineapple was the winner.



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#1 – Go camping

Our first day at Killbear, we were out on the rocks, and Adam said “how amazing is it to be here with Henry?”.  And it really was.  I grew up at Killbear, and it holds so many memories and is so familiar.  It was a really crazy mind warp having my baby there and though he isn’t old enough to have memories of it, it was so cool to start what is hopefully a long term family tradition.  To make it extra special, my brothers and Sam came up for the last few days.  My brothers and I haven’t been on vacation together for 15 years (the last time we were at Killbear as a family), so that was amazing to have them there with us.

That all being said, it was also a challenging week.  Henry cut teeth and went through a growth spurt and was really unsettled being out of his space and routine.  Renting the tent trailer was definitely key to getting through the week, and the little red wagon was our top piece of equipment.  He loved it, and he was happy to be strapped in with some toys to play with while we made meals, tidied around camp, etc.

Check out more photos of our sandcastle attempts, canoeing, and swimming in Georgian Bay.


Details: Information and reservations for Killbear can be found here.

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#68 – Take Henry lake swimming

The swimming at Killbear is amazing; on Georgian Bay, the water is clear, always refreshing (but not too cold), and has a mix of sandy and rock bottoms.  Henry was a big fan of the water!


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#22 – Build a sandcastle

I mean, I guess to be accurate this one is attempt to build a sandcastle before a speedy little destruct-o races across the sand to flatten the towers, but I think it still counts.


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#29 – Campfire pouch dinner

So here’s something that’s never happened to me before; we did a list item, but I FORGOT it was on our list and didn’t take any photos.  Oops.

When we were kids, we would go camping for 6 weeks in the summer with a few other families.  Usually, the Dads would come up on Saturday mornings, stay until Sunday night, and then it would be us kids with the Mums for the week.  Usually every weekend we’d have a big delicious camp fire pouch dinner; chicken and veggies and baked potatoes all cooked in foil on the fire.  Which is a fair amount of work to make it turn out right and it always felt like a special night.

So when we were planning our first family camping trip, and my brothers decided to join us for the last couple days, I thought it would be great to do a pouch dinner (I planned it, organized things so we’d have the ingredients, and then forgot we were doing it for the list! Baby brain, guys, it’s the gift that keeps on giving).

Our last day camping it rained all day long, but Will made a roaring fire; Eric, Will and Sam put together super delicious pouches, and cooked them to perfection.

Here is the only photo I have; my brother Eric stoically sitting in the rain to ensure the pouches didn’t burn.  What a champ.


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#69 – Go canoeing

We rented a canoe for the last two days of our camping trip.  Henry seemed to really like the canoe/water, but really fought the life jacket, so we only went out once for a quick paddle.  We would have tried a few more small trips, except the canoe we rented was one of the heaviest monsters in existence, and the 10 minute hike to the water from our site made multiple treks unappealing.  But, still fun!


Details: We rented our canoe from the Killbear Mall General Store.

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