#78 – Make a meal entirely of farmer’s market purchases

One of the reasons we put a fair amount of cooking and baking items on our list is because it’s a big stretch for us.  I am just not into making food, and Adam says his cooking starts and ends with a BBQ.  So, we thought this might be a pretty good challenge for us.  Even more so, we realized once arriving at the Junction Farmer’s Market, that the selection wasn’t crazy huge for two people who aren’t proficient in the kitchen.

We got lettuce, purple runner beans, onion, garlic, beets, biscuits, peaches and cherries.  We made roasted beets, salad with onions and beans with a garlic dijon dressing, with the biscuits on the side, and fruit for dessert.  Maybe not the most creative meal, but it was tasty and we felt pretty good about it!  Oh, and the market had a wine vendor, total score.


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2 thoughts on “#78 – Make a meal entirely of farmer’s market purchases

  1. @askans says:

    That is really a cute challenge, especially when you consider yourself not to be a cook. Here in the town where I live in Germany we have a stall which sells all the items necessary for 7 or so recipes they have selected. But this would be probably not a hard enough challenge for you 🙂

    FYI: http://askan.biz/2015/06/28/innovation-at-the-market-cookit-bonn-germany/

  2. Becky says:

    Great challenge! Your results are gorgeous and look delicious.

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