#82 – (Attempt) to grow our own vegetables

WE DID IT!  I have had a few super failed attempts to grow vegetables over the years, so I was hesitant yet determined.  Our balcony doesn’t get any sun, and our little backyard is home to a pretty aggressive gang of raccoons, so I decided the best place for our little garden was in our bedroom window (Adam was thrilled).  We went simple, just a tomato plant, and some herbs (not veggies, but guys, close enough).  I also grew green onions from scraps (cool!) and garlic chive from seeds (triumph!).

Every morning after Adam left for work, Henry and I would water the plants, count the tomatoes, and cheer on our little plants (well, I cheered them on any ways).  I’m pretty pleased we managed to grow anything and now have much loftier goals.  Henry and I were hanging out in the High Park Children’s Garden recently and I was having veggie envy over the variety and exuberance of their vegetable gardens. Next summer we might figure out a raccoon proof vegetable garden solution.   Goals!


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