#80 – Try a new ethnic food

I have a friend who had a baby at the same time as Henry; we actually had the exact same due date, though her little one was a week early, and Henry was two weeks late.  She is also doing a 100 Thing list and blog with her little family, and recently we were emailing about how hard it is to find the time (or energy!) to blog.  How on earth do people do it?!  I have a major backlog of things we’ve been knocking off but need to be posted, I swear we are making better progress than it appears!

Last weekend we decided to head to La Cubana, a Cuban restaurant, for brunch.  There are two locations in the city, and it is constantly popping up in my Instagram feed from Toronto bloggers and foodies, it’s one of those highly Instagram-able places.  It was really excellent; the food, the service; we loved it!  Adam had the Cuban breakfast with pulled pork, eggs and tostones, and Henry and I shared a breakfast sandwich (with avocado, egg, queso fresco, & tomato) and plantains.  All of it was super delicious.  It will definitely be added to our rotation of favourite restaurants.


Details: La Cubana has two locations; one on Roncey (where we went), and one on Ossington.  Information and menus can be found here.

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