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#9 – Brickworks Pizza Night

Once a week throughout the summer, The Evergreen Brickworks has a pizza night.  Pizzeria Libretto comes out and makes pizza at the outdoor wood burning stove, there’s a bar, snacks; it’s all really delightful.  We went out for the very last one, which also happened to be TD’s Best of Summer Nights, so all the food was complimentary.  Totally awesome.  It was the perfect early Fall night, lots of delicious food.  And then, to make it completely perfect, we went to Cafe Belong for some outstanding drinks and dessert, not to mention incredible live music.  Once again The Brickworks/Cafe Belong worked it’s magic and it was the very best date night we’ve had post-Henry.


Details: Information about The Brickworks, including their calendar of events, can be found here.

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#15 – Visit the AGO


Details: Hours, location and info about the AGO can be found here.

For those visiting with kids; the AGO has strollers at coat check.  Back packs must be carried at your side or front (our diaper bag is a back pack, so we had to keep it on us, making this worth knowing).  The children’s discovery and play space in the lower level is really good but small.  Kids under 5 eat free at the cafe.

#14 – Stand up paddle boarding

While on our sibs cottage weekend, Adam and I tried stand up paddle boarding.  Adam really liked it, but guys, I really did not like it.  As in, didn’t even push off from the dock.  I’m a good swimmer, and am really confident in the water, but I really hate feeling like I might fall (off anything), and I just couldn’t figure out the balance and feel sturdy.  You win some, you lose some, amirite?


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Bonus #2 – Sibs Cottage Weekend

My brother Will’s girlfriend Sam (who is just the absolute best and raises our average significantly), has a family cottage that has become pretty legendary over the years.  Will and Sam have spent a lot of time up there, and recently my brother Eric has been invited up as well.  A couple weekends ago, Will and Sam were given the chance to have the cottage to themselves, and instead invited all of us (Eric, Adam, Henry and myself) up with them.  The cottage itself was perfection, and the whole weekend was just so special.  It was great to get out of the city, but it was amazing to spend time with my brothers and Sam, and watch them with Henry.  AND the fact that Henry slept so well and allowed us some time to just hang out with the crew after his bedtime, being grown-ups, was amazing.  Overall, a truly wonderful weekend (this is also the reason that Henry and I tackled Buskerfest while Adam was at work).

A very, very big thank you to Will and Sam for inviting us up, and to Will, Sam and Eric for the quality time and amazing memories!


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#87 – Henry’s first concert

Henry’s first concert was a pretty special one; our buddy Ben Kunder performed an acoustic, intimate (and early) show in Toronto to kick off a residency on a train chugging across Canada, followed by a Western Canada tour.  If you are out West, check him out; he’s mad talented and just the loveliest guy.  Dates & tour locations below!



Details: Get Ben’s newest record and more info here.

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#33 – Buskerfest

Buskerfest happened in Toronto a couple weeks ago, and it was the first challenge that Henry and I did on our own while Adam was at work.  Buskerfest runs for four days near the end of August every year.  In 2013 the festival moved from Front Street to Yonge Street, so in 2013 & 2014 the festival included the venue I worked at and was one of my events.  While I loved being involved, it also meant I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it.  So it was fun to meet up with a couple friends (two of my girlfriends and one little baby buddy for Henry) to have a wander.

Since I’m on the steep learning curve of what works and what doesn’t with a little one, and I’m always looking for tips and tricks for doing this in the city with him, here are some thoughts on what worked, what didn’t and what I would do differently next time!   Even though we went midday on Friday, the crowds were already too big for little Henry to see much of anything.  When we did manage to snag a front row spot, the performance was too loud and Henry was scared. He did love the wandering stilt walkers and the hula hoop demonstration/play area.  Next time, I would go with Adam so Henry can pop up on his shoulders for a good view, and I would remember our baby headphones!  And leave the stroller at home, it was tricky navigating through the crowds, a carrier that has easy in and outs would be much better.


Details: Information about Buskerfest Toronto can be found here.

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#73 – Hogtown Vegan

Hogtown Vegan does classic Southern comfort food vegan, and we thought that sounded pretty cool, so on the list it went.  We went for a midweek date night to check it out.  We shared some Shittake Fried Clams, I got Phish and Chips and Adam got the Southern Combo (unChicken, mac’n’cheese and collard greens).  It was all delicious, and Adam says the clams (mushrooms) and the fish (tempeh) had similar texture to the real thing (for any meat eaters out there).  Overall we really liked it, but it was so much deep fried food, it’s definitely a once in a while indulgence.


Details: Hours, location and menu for Hogtown Vegan can be found here.

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#60 – Vote for Canada’s national bird

Did you guys know Canada doesn’t have an official national bird?  Me neither.  Canadian Geographic and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society want to change that, and have launched the National Bird Project, for Canadian residents to vote for their favourite bird.  Now, Adam won’t tell me how he voted (I guess bird voting is as dangerous to a harmonious marriage as political voting), but I’m not shy about how I voted.  #chickadeesforcanada


Details: Vote for your favourite bird here!

Drawing by Catherine Clark found on the Bird Watcher’s General Store website.

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#45 – Play at a splash pad

This one was one of Henry’s favourites; he is a little water baby and just can’t get enough of splash pads, wading pools, swimming pools; it’s got water, he loves it. #45---Splash-pad

Details: This splash pad is at Coronation Park in Oakville.

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#32 – Backyard BBQ

To break in our new BBQ (that we got two months ago, still counts, guys), we had our friends Trevor and Laura over for a mid-week BBQ a few weeks back.  So fun, so lovely.  Another one of those times I thought I had taken a lot of photos, and then realized I hadn’t.  Oops.


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