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#49 – Neighbourhood Halloween decorations tour

When I was a kid, my parents would take us driving around the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve to see all the best lights and I just loved it.  So we put it on our list to do with Henry.

We also noticed (around Halloween 2014 when we were walking, walking, walking trying to get our stubborn babe to come), that our neighbours did a great job with Halloween, so on the list it went.

What we didn’t consider is how darn creepy it made us feel walking around the ‘hood taking photos of our neighbour’s houses.  So here are the few photos that aren’t out of focus, have half a hand or are mostly sidewalk as we tried to take photos without looking like we were casing the houses.   This selection certainly doesn’t do the street justice, there were some spectacular displays.

Wish us luck for our Christmas jaunt.


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#53 – Ben’s bird sanctuary

Tucked away in High Park is a pretty special place; Ben’s Bird Sanctuary.  Hanging throughout a small clearing are approximately 50 bird feeders, many of them homemade.  A gentleman by the name of Benjamin Holloway created the sanctuary years ago.  He has since passed, but a number of his friends and the community keep it up, keeping the feeders full year round.

It’s a pretty lovely and truly magical place.  We didn’t have the right kind of camera for bird watching, but saw just tons of birds, chipmunks and squirrels (and guys, it’s fat squirrel season, which is just my favourite).


Details: The sanctuary can be tricky to find unless you know where it is.  This blog post gives fairly decent directions (though everything looks totally different in Fall/Winter, but it is easier to find without leaves on the trees).

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#67 – Baby-proof our apartment

So I know this is a super boring thing, but I also knew we’d be spending some time on it, and so on the list it went.  What I didn’t realize, is that it never, ever stops.  Just when I think I’ve got everything safe, I turn around a realize there are 93 death traps I’ve overlooked.  I anticipate this being on our list for the next five years.


#96 – Family Hallowe’en costumes

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a costume?   We were pretty excited for Henry’s second first real Hallowe’en (last year Hallowe’en was the day we got home from the hospital with brand new Henry, so we didn’t participate).  Best part?  Adam’s mother is an amazing seamstress and offered to make not just Henry’s costume, but ours as well.  And how amazing are they?  Let the wild rumpus start!


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#16 – Corn maze

Ok, so the corn maze at Andrew’s Scenic Acres wasn’t exactly the corn maze of our dreams.  Though to be fair, it is described as a “Haunted Corn Trail”, so perhaps we shouldn’t have assumed they were going for the undersell.  When the baby is that unimpressed…you win some, you lose some!


#27 – Pumpkin patch

We’ve never picked our own pumpkin before, and I thought that it was the sort of family-friendly activity that screams to be made into a tradition, so on the list it went!  We met up with my cousin and her sweet boys over Thanksgiving and found some perfect pumpkins!


Details: Information about Andrew’s Scenic Acres can be found here.

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#44 – Get family photos taken

A few years ago we met Scarlet O’Neill while she was photographing our friends’ wedding.  She was bubbly and friendly, and was one of those people you sort of just wanted to be around.  Scarlet started photographing our family when it was just us two; then us two plus a bump; then twice in the last year, when Henry was brand new and three days before he turned one.

Scarlet is a people person; she loves people, loves their stories (especially love stories), and she draws out the best and most genuine side of people, all the while making you feel totally comfortable.  It’s no small thing, and it’s part of her magic.  The other part is just pure, honest to goodness talent and an eye that amazes me every time I see her photos.

Best of all, we get to call her one of our dearest friends and she is always the first to cheer us (and now Henry) on as we pass milestones, big and small.  I’m so in love with these photos that I want to post all of them, but I am limiting myself to a handful (but an awesome handful, no?).


Details: If you are in need of a photographer, find all of Scarlet’s info here (she travels, guys, don’t think you are limited to Ontario).  And do yourself a favour and check out her Instagram.

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#62 – Monthly baby photos

Last week was Henry’s first birthday (which is crazy, cause I swear he was born two months ago…except it feels like I haven’t slept in 5 years, so…), and Halloween so we knocked just a ton of stuff off.  I am going to try to get up to date this week; there are still things to post about we did in February, plus last week’s celebration extravaganza.

Every month I took these photos.  I was determined, which is good, because around month seven Henry was pretty determined not to do them (you’ll notice the increase in distraction props).  But I am so, so glad we have them, it’s amazing to look back and read the update I wrote with each photo with his likes, dislikes, emerging personality traits and milestones.


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