#44 – Get family photos taken

A few years ago we met Scarlet O’Neill while she was photographing our friends’ wedding.  She was bubbly and friendly, and was one of those people you sort of just wanted to be around.  Scarlet started photographing our family when it was just us two; then us two plus a bump; then twice in the last year, when Henry was brand new and three days before he turned one.

Scarlet is a people person; she loves people, loves their stories (especially love stories), and she draws out the best and most genuine side of people, all the while making you feel totally comfortable.  It’s no small thing, and it’s part of her magic.  The other part is just pure, honest to goodness talent and an eye that amazes me every time I see her photos.

Best of all, we get to call her one of our dearest friends and she is always the first to cheer us (and now Henry) on as we pass milestones, big and small.  I’m so in love with these photos that I want to post all of them, but I am limiting myself to a handful (but an awesome handful, no?).


Details: If you are in need of a photographer, find all of Scarlet’s info here (she travels, guys, don’t think you are limited to Ontario).  And do yourself a favour and check out her Instagram.

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