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#97 – Start a family tradition

We did it!!  2015 is complete.  We’ve done some amazing things together; some big and some little, but all special because of the memories we’re making with our little family.

A few things we’re hoping to continue through the years are;

  1. Apple picking
  2. Picking a Christmas tree
  3. Family photos taken every year
  4. Decorate a tree for the birds at Christmas

Our Elf on the Shelf brought Henry a stack of holiday-themed books the day before Christmas Eve.  We’re also planning on keeping that up, and bringing out the previous year’s books on the day we decorate our tree.

Happy New Years, everyone!  We’re looking forward to sharing our 2016 tomorrow!

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#79 – Write a book

Henry loves, loves, loves looking at photos of babies, but especially photos of himself, so we wrote him a book based on him.  I spared you the whole silly story, but here are a couple of my favourite pages.


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#17 – Henry’s first Santa Claus parade

We found this photo in an album my Grandma made for me.  Sometime in the late ’80s, taken at the Oakville Santa Claus parade.  I’m rocking the white pompom toque, blue snowsuit and red and pink scarf & mitts.  My brother Eric is sitting tall on my Dad’s shoulders in the red snow suit.  This holiday season was the last one before little Will joined the crew.


So, we decided to go to the Oakville parade this year with the Oakville Aunts & Uncles.   Super fun and weird and nostalgic and full circle.  Being a parent is such a trip.


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#61 – Make apple chips

Only half our batch turned out, but we don’t have the proper slicey thing, so our apples were uneven, and I rushed them a bit because I needed the oven for dinner.  Overall, not a failure, and something we would try again!


Details: We used this recipe from Foodie Misadventures.

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#76 – Use our crockpot

Our crockpot came in a set of two, including this wee one which we used for our fondue night.  We’re definitely blurring the line on what we meant when we made the list…but you know, with less than 5 hours to go, we’re going with it.


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#26 – Complete a knitting project

We (but really, mostly I), knit Henry this crib blanket.  And I mean, he doesn’t like blankets at all right now but maybe he will one day and he’ll have this blanket; with gaps and holes and lots of mistakes, but made with just buttloads of love.


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#65 – Henry’s first skates

Sometimes we get really lucky with how we word things.   Henry got his first skates this year, but since it’s been so balmy and none of the ice is frozen, his first time skating will be in 2016 (on the list!).  Based on how trying on the skates went it could be hit or miss, but we’re so excited to get him out there!


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#57 – Make homemade cinnamon buns

Guys, we have never had so much left to do with so little time left in the year.  We are bopping over here trying to get it all done (who wants to relax over the holidays, certainly not us).

We made these cinnamon buns this afternoon and they just didn’t turn out.  They taste pretty good, but the texture is weird; hard and dry.  I would say this was definitely something we did wrong, and not the fault of the recipe.


Details: We used this recipe from

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