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#91 – Brunch at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

We’ve been wanting to go to Mildred’s for ages, but it’s not a good baby space, so when we found ourselves with a couple baby-free hours, we took advantage.  Mildred’s is on all sorts of Best Of lists, and it did not disappoint.


Details: Hours, location and menus can be found here.

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#28 – Go sledding

We had something like 5 days total with actual snow this winter, so there weren’t a lot of sledding opportunities.  Add to that that this kid really does not like the winter and it was a hard sell.  But here it is.  Henry in a sled.


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#51 – Touch a snake

Henry and I do a nature program on Friday mornings at our local park.  A couple weeks ago they brought out their corn snake Snappy for the babies to touch.  Perfect.  We had planned on this one being a little more flashy, but anyone who is doing a list knows you don’t pass up an opportunity to cross something off.


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#25 – Track and Field

Last weekend we went to Track & Field with some of our nearest and dearest to celebrate Adam’s recent birthday.  It was really great and (I like to think) a big hit.  The games were fun, the bar was great.


Details: More info about Track & Field can be found here.

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#53 – Bluegrass Brunch

A couple weeks ago we went to Dakota Tavern’s Bluegrass brunch and it is our new favourite thing.  The brunch was tasty (served family style), the music was excellent and best of all was how toddler friendly it was.  There was space in front of the stage to dance and watch the musicians, the servers were really lovely to the kids and being able to actually sit down and eat was amazing.  Actually, it was so baby friendly that I don’t think there was one group who was there when we were without a baby or toddler.  We will do this over and over.


Details: Menu for the brunch can be found here.  Reservations can be made for groups of six or more at either 10am or 12pm.  We just after 11, and it seemed that the younger, baby-free crowd was starting to come in, but the early crowd was all parents/caregivers.  Highly recommend!

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#42 – Build a snowman

We’ve had three snow days this winter, so when we got one day with perfect packing snow, our neighbour and I bundled our little ones up and made a snowman in the backyard.


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