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#92 – OG Chimney Cone

So these Chimney Cones have been making the rounds on Instagram in a big way, and so we (well I) decided we should probably get one.  #noregrets


Details: The Eva’s Original Chimneys food truck is at The Evergreen Brickworks tomorrow for their final Container Market of the season.  After that they can be found around the city and rumour has it they are getting a permanent location.  Website here.


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#58 – Science Centre

We loved the Science Centre!  We probably only saw 1/10 of everything and it was great.  Henry loved it and we will likely try to go back again soon.  The space they have for the younger kids was great, but he loved the other exhibits just as much; his favourite was the rainforest room.


Details: Hours, location and exhibit info can be found here.

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#49 – Yorkville IceFest

In the categories of win some/lose some, this was a big loser.  To be fair to the organizers, the weekend IceFest fell on happened to be something like 15 degrees (in FEBRUARY!), so it was probably doomed from the start, but we left after 10 minutes.  There wasn’t anything dynamic about the event to keep us and little Henry interested.


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#70 – Feed the chickadees with Henry

As part of our 2016 Joyce Winter Classic, we went to the RBG and feed the chickadees.  This is one of the most magical winter activities and Henry just loved it.


Details: The Royal Botanical Gardens are at 680 Plains Road West in Burlington.  We go through the Hendrie Park Cherry Hill entrance, which is open daily 10AM-5PM weather permitting.  You can find more info about the RBG here.  Entrance to the Hendrie trails is free with paid parking.  It was an approximate 30 minute drive from our apartment in Swansea.

The chickadees prefer the little black sunflower-like seeds over anything else.

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#4 – Joyce Winter Classic 2016

Last year we started the Joyce Winter Classic; in lieu of Christmas gifts, my brothers and I plan a day of family fun.  This year my brother managed most of the planning, and we spent a great day going to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, having brunch at a family restaurant in Burlington and then feeding the chickadees at the RBG.  (All this happened way back in January).

Photos from the Butterfly Conservatory and the RBG coming soon in individual posts!



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#38 – Blind tasting & rating

We went to a really fun birthday last month, and it was only a couple days ago that I realized it knocked this one off the list!  Our friend Charles celebrated his 30th birthday, and his wife put together a bourbon tasting party to celebrate.  She transferred 5 different bourbons into identical bottles, left a card listing the five brands, and cue cards for the guests to write down their notes and guesses.  Closest got a prize at the end of the night. Super fun!


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