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#7 – Kite Festival

Two weekends ago we went to the Burlington Kite Festival; five minutes after we arrive a giant storm blew in (complete with thunder and lighting), and so that was the entirety of our experience.  Henry was really excited and interested in the kites, so definitely something we would try again.  It was a pretty small festival (partially because of the weather, but also just seemed low key), so we might look for a bigger one, but still fun!

IMG_20160605_173719 (1)

Details: Information about the Burlington Kite Festival can be found here.

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#63 – Make a water garden

So I saw these cool water gardens on Pinterest with water plants in vases and it seemed like a fun solution to the black thumb problem we have.  We went to a local fish store to get the water plants, and left with our plants (and a couple itty bitty fish because #willpower).


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