#63 – Make a water garden

So I saw these cool water gardens on Pinterest with water plants in vases and it seemed like a fun solution to the black thumb problem we have.  We went to a local fish store to get the water plants, and left with our plants (and a couple itty bitty fish because #willpower).


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#83 – Brickworks Winter Village

Every weekend in the winter (and well into the Spring when the name switched to the Container Market), The Brickworks had an awesome set up of various vendors and activities set up inside shipping containers.  Around those were picnic tables, chairs and fire pits.  It was really fantastic and we hope they do it again next year!


Details: Information about the Evergreen Brickworks and their various events can be found here.

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#48 – Children’s Discovery Centre

We love the Children’s Discovery Centre.  I’ve taken Henry a few times since he was six months, and a couple months ago we went as a family.  Henry goes bananas for it every time.


Details:  Information can be found here.  The space they are running out of is temporary (the Centre started as a pilot project), so check the website if you plan to go.  It looks like it will be open in the current location until end of July.


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#20 – Graffiti alley

Graffiti alley is known as the backdrop for Rick Mercer’s rants.  Toronto has some amazing street art, and after wandering the official Graffiti Alley, we’re looking forward to finding some of the other stretches well known in the city.


Details: Graffiti Alley (or Rush Lane) runs from Spadina to Portland between Queen & Richmond.

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#18 – Take Henry to the Badlands

Last weekend we were planning on driving out to the Badlands.  When googling directions, we discovered they’ve been closed to the public to protect the geographical awesomeness.  Totally understandable, super disappointing.


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#6 – Old fashioned pop shop

So it’s been a while since we blogged, and there’s a serious backlog of posts, so I’m going to try to get caught up this weekend; but also be pretty lazy about it and likely only post one photo per thing.

We went to the Bean and Baker a couple weeks back and got some soda and cookies (and then went to the dog park across the street to watch the dogs play; food + entertainment!). Delicious and super cute.


Details: Bean and Baker is at Harbord and Grace.  More information can be found here.

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#92 – OG Chimney Cone

So these Chimney Cones have been making the rounds on Instagram in a big way, and so we (well I) decided we should probably get one.  #noregrets


Details: The Eva’s Original Chimneys food truck is at The Evergreen Brickworks tomorrow for their final Container Market of the season.  After that they can be found around the city and rumour has it they are getting a permanent location.  Website here.


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#58 – Science Centre

We loved the Science Centre!  We probably only saw 1/10 of everything and it was great.  Henry loved it and we will likely try to go back again soon.  The space they have for the younger kids was great, but he loved the other exhibits just as much; his favourite was the rainforest room.


Details: Hours, location and exhibit info can be found here.

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#49 – Yorkville IceFest

In the categories of win some/lose some, this was a big loser.  To be fair to the organizers, the weekend IceFest fell on happened to be something like 15 degrees (in FEBRUARY!), so it was probably doomed from the start, but we left after 10 minutes.  There wasn’t anything dynamic about the event to keep us and little Henry interested.


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#70 – Feed the chickadees with Henry

As part of our 2016 Joyce Winter Classic, we went to the RBG and feed the chickadees.  This is one of the most magical winter activities and Henry just loved it.


Details: The Royal Botanical Gardens are at 680 Plains Road West in Burlington.  We go through the Hendrie Park Cherry Hill entrance, which is open daily 10AM-5PM weather permitting.  You can find more info about the RBG here.  Entrance to the Hendrie trails is free with paid parking.  It was an approximate 30 minute drive from our apartment in Swansea.

The chickadees prefer the little black sunflower-like seeds over anything else.

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