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#32 – Backyard BBQ

To break in our new BBQ (that we got two months ago, still counts, guys), we had our friends Trevor and Laura over for a mid-week BBQ a few weeks back.  So fun, so lovely.  Another one of those times I thought I had taken a lot of photos, and then realized I hadn’t.  Oops.


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#86 – Get a BBQ

One of the big bonuses of our new place (we’ve been here a year, and I can’t break the habit of calling it new), is that it has a backyard. We’ve only been in high rises before this, so having a backyard is just the best.  We didn’t really use it to its full advantage last year, so we really wanted to make sure we did that this summer.  So, first thing every good backyard needs is a good BBQ, right?  Check!


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